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Bonnie Says: Bristol, Stop Tearing Baby Tripp Away From Dad Levi Johnston — That's A Selfish Mistake!

Tue, January 25, 2011 7:56pm EDT by HL Intern 20 Comments

Bristol, you’re making a terrible decision to destroy your son’s relationship with his father. You will live to regret it!

Yes, splits are never easy: No matter how old you are. But Bristol at 20, you’re not old enough to know how longterm the damage will be if you continue on your path to destroy your son’s relationship with his father. Moving thousands of miles to Arizona, from Levi’s home of Wasilla, Ak., especially without his permission, is illegal and it is unloving to Tripp to deprive him of the love of his father.

You are using baby Tripp as a pawn in your ongoing battle with your ex. Yes, Levi has said mostly nasty things about your family, especially your mother, Sarah, but that doesn’t mean that Tripp should  grow up without a dad. You had a dad, Todd, who’s been very important to you. Why shouldn’t Tripp have that all-important experience?

It may be a nuisance for you to have to coordinate visitation for Tripp with Levi right now. You are barely out of your teens and you are saddled with the responsibility of raising a child. No doubt, you don’t want to be bothered with dealing with Levi: Hey, it’s a pain.

You want to do what you want to do and, right now, that includes moving to warmer Arizona and close to your new boyfriend Gino Paoletti. But Bristol, today’s convenience will be tomorrow’s bigger pain. Children want and need two parents. They want to have a relationship with their fathers.

Tripp is only two and very controllable and containable right now. But as he grows up, he’ll wonder why he doesn’t have a dad. He’ll ask questions. He’ll want to see his father. If you’ve destroyed that relationship, he will feel he was unloved and unwanted by his father. Why should he needlessly have that hole in his heart?

Levi Johnston may not be the world’s Best Dad, but he’s not a deadbeat either. He’s not a drunk, he’s not violent: There’s really no reason, for him not to be in Tripp’s life!

Bristol, you don’t know if his lack of a dad may play out in very destructive ways as he gets older. He may resent you from taking him away from a father who fought to see him. He may rebel, in any number of ways as a teen.

Believe me Bristol: You need to think about what’s in Tripp’s true best long-term interests, not what is easy or convenient for you now. And you can’t let today’s anger or resentment against Levi seriously damage all of baby Tripp’s tomorrow.


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