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Watch Justin Bieber Beg For A Toy Helicopter & Call Scooter Braun A Jerk!

Mon, January 24, 2011 3:46pm EDT by 9 Comments
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It’s all work and no play for Biebs on tour!

Can’t a pop star sensation get a toy around here? We’ve analyzed a shocking nine minute video, released on Jan. 24 by TMZ, to get to the core of a tragedy.

In the clip, shot about a year ago, Justin Bieber calls his mom to ask if he can buy a toy helicopter at the airport. Why is he making the call? Because his manager, Scooter Braun, nixed the purchase. After telling his mom Braun is “just being a jerk,” Justin, 16, turns to his manager and asks why he can’t have it. Braun says the helicopter will be a distraction. What’s a heartthrob to do?

“There’s no reason I can’t get it,” Justin said.

Justin’s mom isn’t budging either. After stomping away from Braun, Biebs shouts “It’s ten dollars!” Hmm, hasn’t Justin made enough money over the past year to blow ten bucks on a toy?

His manager finds Justin’s tantrum pretty ridiculous. “If you get it now, you look like a spoiled girl from My [Super] Sweet 16.”

Justin negotiates until Braun ends the conversation, saying the next three weeks will be busy and he can buy the toy when his work is done.  Awww, sorry Justin!  Better luck next time!

Click here to watch Justin’s temper tantrum!

— Jennifer Sanchez