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The Lo Down: The Razzies Only Nominated 'Eclipse' Nine Times In Order To Get Attention!

Mon, January 24, 2011 1:40pm EDT by 8 Comments

The Razzies slam Eclipse with nominations the first year they are trying to broadcast their show. Coincidence? I think not

When the Razzie nominations were announced early this morning — click here for a full list — we were shocked to see Eclipse nominated nine times. It not only secured a nod for “Worst Picture” but Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and Kristen Stewart were all nominated for Worst Actor and Worst Actress. This was all a bit confusing until I remembered the Razzies are looking to be broadcast on television this year. Are they making fun of our beloved Twilighters in order to garner free press?

Razzies founder John Wilson defends the nominations. “I know people who are into ‘Twilight’ who take it totally seriously and they’re very vociferous. Those of us who are not ‘Twi-hards’, we don’t get it. I don’t actually know any teenage girls who have had to make the choice between a werewolf and a vampire.”

Is he really saying that Eclipse deserves to be slammed because it isn’t realistic? Should we be throwing Avatar out the window as well? What about The Little Mermaid — do you know any talking crabs named Sebastian, Mr. Wilson?

New Moon scored four Razzie nods last year, so this isn’t the first time it’s been made fun of by the comic awards show. But nine seems excessive and adding Rob’s Remember Me performance is unnecessary. Eclipse grossed $694 million worldwide and has developed a fan following on par with Harry Potter and Star Wars. Rob, K-Stew and Taylor have given life to characters who have touched millions of people’s hearts around the world and I don’t think their fame should be used against them.

What do YOU think of the crazy amount of Razzie nods Eclipse has received this year? Are you upset? Or do you hope Rob and K-Stew have a sense of humor about it like Sandra Bullock did last year, and think that they’ll make it over to the Razzies if they win? Would you boycott, or tune in? Sound off below!


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