LAURA'S LOVE ADVICE: How To Handle Hearing Your Ex Has Gotten Engaged, Like Sandra Bullock Was Forced To Do

Fri, January 21, 2011 10:48am EST by 1 Comment, Getty Images, Getty Images

Jesse James and Kat Von D are engaged — and the ink on his divorce papers are barely dry! How should Sandy handle this staggering act of betrayal?

That snake Jesse James has done it again! After getting caught cheating with a variety of low-rent ‘ladies’ right after wife Sandra Bullock won her first Academy Award, West Coast Choppers CEO is now engaged to new girlfriend Kat Von D — just seven months after his divorce was finalized. Now that the world is watching for her reaction, what should Sandy say and do?

First of all, may I express my fervent desire that there are very few men in the world that resemble Jesse in character? “You know, sometimes the public gets it wrong. This is one of those times. 2010 was actually the best year of my life because I fell in love with my best friend. An amazing woman who stood behind me when the world turned their backs,” he told People magazine, rubbing salt in Sandra’s wound by adding, “My love for her is beyond description. So honored that she said ‘yes.’ Growing old with her is going to be a a f—in’ blast!”

2010 was the best year of your life, Jesse? Really? Because getting caught cheating on the woman who was too good for you, losing your adopted son and begging her to come back in vain really sounds like a blast. At this point, I sincerely hope Sandra feels nothing for the man — no lingering sadness at the ‘what if’ of their relationship — but utter revulsion.

Still, in the wake of such blatant betrayal, the world WILL be watching to see what she’ll do. But if Sandra can come back from a cheating scandal in the midst of her big moment (because nothing really tops winning an Oscar when you’ve been an actress as long as Sandy has), then she can certainly handle this.

What Sandra DID do: she stepped out in public with son Louis Bardo looking fabulous with her head held high. When she was asked to give a statement about the impending marriage, she refused. Her lack of a comment was actually brilliant: she’s telling the world ‘Louis is the only man I need and I have more important things to worry about than my stupid ex-husband. I’m a MOTHER now.”

But what should YOU do in a similar situation? Clearly a ‘no comment’ won’t work if you’re not in the public eye. A similar nonchalant, who-cares attitude will go a long way, though. It’s no use crying over spilt milk or a closed chapter (in public, at least). If a mutual friend asks if you’ve heard the news and how you’re doing, simply channel Sandra and act like you don’t care. “I’ve heard, good for him,” will do. Or say: “Everyone deserves to be happy!” and quickly change the topic. Don’t show any emotion whatsoever, or any indication that you might be hurting — it isn’t worth giving your ex that satisfaction.

For the record, I’m on board with Sandra‘s “no comment” answer — but I seriously hope she has a punching bag in the shape of Jesse’s head at home.


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Posted at 12:11 PM on January 21, 2011  

A woman of resources does not live blindly by love alone. I think Sandra knew about Jesses cheating ways years before it went public. This gave her time to put into perspective and come to terms with the inevitable ending of their marriage. Jesses latest actions most likely do not have an impact on her. She made calculated statements to the public espousing her love, need, got my back and blessedness of having Jesse’s family under their roof. She new the perfect “bomb” would present itself enabling her to exit the marriage in grace while leaving Jesse disgraced in the public eye and it worked. Sure seems like Jesse took to twitter to slam Sandra publicly by saying never felt so loved, Kat will change the world, she’s the most beautiful tweet..tweet..tweet. Sticks and stones won’t break Sandra’s bones. Jesses technique of throwing daggers, digressing back in time to the vengeful little boy, was not as powerful as Sandra’s. Obviously Jesse is engaged to marry again look at his record: married first wife/divorced and within a year married second wife/divorced; and within a year married third wife/divorced; and within a year engaged. I see a pattern. Kat you are his type sort of tats but no tits…I know what she will get for Christmas this year, but please do not tweet a photo of your new gifts. You said you don’t want kids; promise!! the courts do not need any more of Jesses custody battles. Jesse strayed because Sandra was gone a lot. OK.. Kat-LA Jesse-TX and racing. Give Jesse blinders so he is not tempted by a hot b”rod” (broad)with tits and tats at the track. Growing old together hum what does wrinkly skin look like covered in tattooed images that have become distorted with time. Maybe Kat can make the world a better place, visually at least by finding a fix for tattoos on sagging skin. Jesse will need a fixer upper before you. That’s what keeps me from getting tattoos one day the rose bud on the chest will become a long stem rose.

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