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Happy Birthday Rainn Wilson! Today You Are 45, Jan 20th.

Thu, January 20, 2011 10:18am EDT by HL Intern 7 Comments

You are perfect actor to play the lovable nerd on The Office with a quick wit and in-your-face awkwardness!

Rainn, in real life you aren’t nearly as geeky! You have a gorgeous wife and an adorable six-year-old son, not to mention a smoking hot career! And this year, a new film role will come up for you that will be a complete departure from your usual quirky character! Go with it and surprise your fans with your hidden range! has all the details.

Happy birthday, Rainn Wilson! As Dwight Schrute on the hit show ‘The Office,’ you play an egomaniacal dweeb out of touch with reality and hilariously devoid of social finesse. As an Aquarius, you likely feel a lot more savvy and communicatively gifted — though Aquarians are never ones to prioritize fitting in! Art will not imitate life for you in the next year, as a powerful concentration of planets have you oozing with personal magnetism and attractive force that will score you points, both personally and professionally. Perhaps this transit will spill over to our screens and Dwight will finally nab a babe?! You’re advised to enjoy this planetary gift of energy, especially with loved ones, and come back refreshed and poker-faced so fans don’t confuse you for a teen idol!

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