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Gwyneth Paltrow Let Apple Skip School For A Day Of Beauty — Tiger Mom, Amy Chua, Would Be Mortified!

Thu, January 20, 2011 1:16pm EDT by 6 Comments

Can you believe Gwyneth let her 6-year-old have a ‘sick’ day from school so they could bond? This is exactly why Tiger Mom, Amy Chua, says Western moms are bad.

After lecturing parents about her hectic life as a working mom, which includes “weekly hair blow outs” and “hour-long workouts,” Gwyneth Paltrow now admits that she doesn’t always set the best example for her two kids with Coldplay‘s Chris MartinApple, 6, and Moses, 4. The Country Strong star confessed that she let Apple take a “sickie” from school so that she could spend time with her at the beauty salon. Is this okay?

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“I’ll probably get kicked out of our school for admitting this, but I let Apple stay home yesterday. I just needed to be with her,” Gwyneth says in an interview with Good Housekeeping. “We went out to lunch, we went to the beauty salon, we were together.” Interesting. How did little brother Moses feel about this all-girls field trip? Not so surprisingly, he wasn’t a happy camper, so Gwyneth promised him a “sickie” as well. Great, is this going to become a common event, Gwyneth?

The 38-year-old admitted to being unhappy about Apple ratting out their secret getaway to her little brother. It must be hard being a celebrity, flying around constantly, going from job to job, but kids need order and discipline and they need to go to school. Just because you miss them doesn’t mean you should encourage them to play hooky for a day of pampering!

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Gwyneth admits that she struggles with this. She recently took Apple and Moses to Hong Kong, where she was working, but tried to imply that it was a rich cultural experience for the kids.  She says, “I do feel so guilty and, like, ‘What am I doing?’ ‘But I also want them to know work is really fun for me – ‘Hey, look what I get to do!’ As opposed to feeling like, ‘Oh, I’m a terrible mother’. Because that really just doesn’t get you anywhere. It doesn’t get them anywhere.” We don’t think you’re a bad mom, Gwyn, but if you continue keeping your kids out of school, we just might have a change of heart.

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And Gwyneth admits that she comes ‘this close’ to being a pushover. Hmm… “I’m in a battle right now because Apple doesn’t like to go to gymnastics,” she explains. “When she’s crying about it, I just want to scoop her up and say, ‘Forget it. Let’s go get an ice cream.’ But you can’t do that, of course. That’s something my father taught me. You need to be accountable, and you need to be responsible. You need to honor your commitments.” I completely agree and I’m sure Tiger Mom, Amy Chua, would too. Although, she definitely wouldn’t agree with manis and pedis during school hours!

HollyMoms, do you ever let your kids skip school when they’re not sick?

–Leigh Blickley

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