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Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Admits She Smokes Pot, Abandons Her Baby AGAIN And Then Begs Mom For Forgiveness!

Wed, January 19, 2011 10:47am EDT by 8 Comments

Last night’s episode of MTV’s Teen Mom 2 was SO GOOD! Jenelle spiraled completely out of control, and then ended up moving back in with her MOM!

On Teen Mom 2 last night Jenelle Evans, 19, and her mother got into another MASSIVE fight about their ongoing custody battle over little baby Jace! And during the fight, Janelle admitted to her mom that she regularly smokes pot! She was screaming and going so CRAZY at her mom—it seemed like she might hit her again. Instead, Jenelle angrily stormed out of her mom’s house—ditching her little son, Jace AGAIN—and went to crash at a friend’s house. Jenelle is OUT OF CONTROL!

After the showdown with her mom, Jenelle spent time researching lawyers to fight her mom in court for Jace, but she quickly realized she can’t afford one. Frustrated—and without a place to live—she was forced to ask her mom for forgiveness and a chance to come home. Her mother, Barbara, let her come back, but she made it clear to Jenelle that the custody battle is still ON.

Kailyn and Jo’s relationship got even worse only in this episode—they can’t even stand each other! They took their baby, Isaac to the pool and ended up fighting the whole time—then Jo just flat-out says, “When are you moving out?!”  In the midst of this, Kailyn goes on a date with her coworker, Jordan, and put it on Facebook! Jo and his parents were NOT HAPPY to find out that Kail was dating other people so fast—and while she was still living IN THEIR HOUSE!

Leah’s relationship with Corey is getting worse, but everything changed when Leah noticed something wrong with one of their one-year-old twin daughters, Ali’s, feet and hands. Leah took the baby to the doctor (Corey couldn’t get out of work) and the doctor said there was definitely something wrong with Ali and then he did an MRI of the baby’s spine! The situation forced Corey and Leah to put their drama aside and focus on the health of the baby.

Chelsea continued to feel lonely and almost calls her ex-boyfriend, Adam, who sent her the text calling her a “fat stretched marked b –!” But luckily her roommate, Megan stopped her. Chelsea’s roommate Megan is really there for her!