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Andy Says: Watch 'Skins' Tonight On MTV — It's The Ultimate Guilty Pleasure!

Mon, January 17, 2011 4:38pm EDT by Add first Comment

It’s grittier than ‘Gossip Girl,’ dirtier than ‘Degrassi’ and naughtier than ‘90210.’ Prepare to be hooked!

After a long hard day in the real world, sometimes you just need to turn off your brain and fill it with trash. Enter Skins, MTV’s “new” scripted series based on the British show of the same name. It’s the timeless tale of nine Baltimore teens going after the important things in life (sex, drugs, etc.) without any of those extraneous morals or life lessons.

Here’s a quick breakdown of all the new friends you’ll meet in Skins:

  1. Tony Snyder (James Milo Newman), the show’s resident Chuck Bass. Expect him to get lots of undeserved sex.
  2. Michelle Richardson (Rachel Thevenard), Tony’s girlfriend at the start of the series… but not for much longer.
  3. Stanley Lucerne (Daniel Flaherty), Tony’s best friend. (Remember how I said Tony and Michelle wouldn’t last? Stanley may or may not factor in that.)
  4. Eura Snyder (Eleanor Zichy), Tony’s sister and a general good girl… at least compared to her brother.
  5. Chris Collins (Jesse Carere), the die-hard party boy. If a substance can be snorted or smoked, Chris will be there. With a bib on.
  6. Cadie Campbell (Britne Oldford), the group’s most self-destructive member. Think One Tree Hill‘s Peyton — only way more emo and f’ed up.
  7. Tea Marvelli (Sofia Black D’elia.) She’s not just a lady — she’s also a ladykiller. (See what I did there?)
  8. Daisy Valero (Camille Crescencia-Mills), the good-girl of the group who dreams of being anything but.
  9. Abbud Siddiqui (Ron Mustafaa), the group’s not-so-devout Muslim. Think Degrassi‘s Sav, only less whiney.

But if you’re not willing to wait a few hours to check it out on MTV, here’s the first episode of the original Skins. Since the U.S. version of the pilot is an exact mirror of the British one, prepare to be spoiled:

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Skins premieres at 10 p.m. tonight (Jan. 17) on MTV.