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The Lo Down: Red-headed Rob Pattinson Smiled At Me And I Shrieked Like A 12-Year-Old Girl!

Mon, January 17, 2011 9:00pm EDT by 3 Comments

Rob party-hops with a smile, Paris Hilton chows down, Sofia Vergara stalks Johnny Depp and more!

I’ve always prided myself on my ability to stay calm and cool in the face of fame. If your job is interviewing celebrities, you can’t afford to get starstruck and risk coming off as unprofessional. But sometimes, when I’m just observing celebrities as a regular bystander, my inner teen comes out. And that’s exactly what happened when Robert Pattinson and his fiery red hair walked by me last night at the Golden Globes.

Here’s how it happened: I bumped into Christian Bale, whom I congratulated on his big win, and made my way over to the HBO party entrance. I look over and see Peter Facinelli stroll by with one hand in his pocket, and I instantly grabbed Russ Weakland to point him out. No sooner than I pointed at Peter did I notice a flash of red hair and …. R-Patz himself. “Ahhh!” I squealed, digging my nails into Russ’s arm. I stood paralyzed. Did I act completely unprofessional, run to the stairs, and pull out my camera? Or did I look around, pretending someone else had shrieked, and then casually watch Rob walk by like I see him all the time?

I think you can see from the photo above what I ended up choosing.

The boys ended up at the NBC Universal after party next, and I made eye contact with Peter as I scarfed down macaroni and cheese. He laughed at me — “That good huh?” — and then walked up to the bar to order drinks and text his wife.

I wasn’t the only one chowing down: Paris Hilton, looking beautiful in her coral gown, had a plate full of steak she was inhaling while sitting next to boyfriend Cy Waits. She wasn’t just about food though — the Hilton princess took multiple fan photos before heading over to the Weinstein party.

Adrien Brody,  Julianne Moore and Blair Underwood were some of the first celebrities to arrive at at the NBC festivities, where the room wrapped itself in a circle around the open bar.

Mandy Moore was easily spotted in her long green gown, she sat underneath a blue-tinted spotlight and laughed with a friend before leaving around 10:00PM. Other celebs spotted at NBC include: Jimmy Fallon, Annette Bening, Tina Fey, and Ed Norton.

InStyle was another star-studded fete with Chris Hemsworth, Dane Cook, and Matthew Morrison all in attendance. Sofia Vergara stopped on the red carpet to tell she was on a hunt for Johnny Depp. “Johnny Depp is my son’s favorite actor. And he told me that I better get a picture with him. So I’ve been trying to look for him for a picture. I’m going to harass him. If you see him tell him I’m looking for him.”

Selena Gomez whizzed by the carpet yelling out that she really had to go to the bathroom, Anne Hathaway chatted up some elderly women and let them go ahead of her into the party. Kate Bosworth left with her posse at around 11:30PM, followed by Lea Michele who was carrying her sparkly heels in hand yelling out that they were too painful to wear.

Cheryl Hines gave away her gift bags to ladies that told her they liked her in The Ugly Truth, True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten took pictures and signed autographs upon exiting, and Grey’s Anatomy‘s Jesse Williams had the ladies blushing when he gave them a huge Dr. Avery smile as he jetted out around midnight.

So tell me — which actor/actress would you most like to see outside an event? Sound off below!


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