Happy Birthday LL Cool J! Today You are 43, Jan 14th.

Fri, January 14, 2011 8:09am EDT by 1 Comment
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Getty ImagesIt’s been 43 years and still the “Ladies Love Cool James” just as much as they did when you were starting the rap game!

LL,you are a pioneer of hip-hop and music today wouldn’t be the same without you. But despite your larger than life accomplishments, you are a family man at heart, playing daddy to four kids! Still you have a entrepreneurial side that will never stop creating . Take that natural ambition and start something new this year. You’ve already¬†tackled music, modeling and¬†acting so hone into the business side and continue to grow your brand. Being LL is a lifestyle, so show your fans how to live it! Astrology.com has all the details.

Happy birthday, LL Cool J! With more than two decades of hip-hop recording under your belt, the stars are aligning to bring some of your other talents — such as writing and educating — to the fore. This coming year, you’ll be encouraged to develop projects that benefit humanity and help others learn from your experiences in the school of hard knocks. You are a Capricorn and a survivor, and the year ahead will prove to be a pivotal one in dedicating your life to artistic expression that lends the public some of your trial-by-fire wisdom.

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