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Elisabeth Röhm Tackles Her Daughter's Terrible Twos. How Do You Deal With Tantrums?

Fri, January 14, 2011 10:26am EDT by Add first Comment

Getty ImagesWith a little bit of humor and a lot of patience, the Law & Order star is learning that the terrible twos aren’t so bad.

Now that Elisabeth Röhm‘s daughter, Easton, has reached the dreaded age of two, the Law & Order actress is realizing that there are definitely life lessons we can learn from our kids! “I have finally begun to learn a life lesson that almost nothing but my daughter could teach me: how to stay cool under pressure — upon being violated, publicly embarrassed or simply feeling baffled by a confrontation,” Elisabeth, 37, writes in a blog on Hey HollyMoms, how do you deal with your child’s dramatic tantrums?

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“I’ve learned to always take a deep breath and extract myself from the equation. I stop. I breathe. I think. I forgive. I explain calmly. I quickly move on. IT’S NOT PERSONAL!!!! I have learned from my little one how to get what I really want in life: trust and progress,” writes Elisabeth. We have to say, she has a good head on her shoulders — most moms I’ve seen in action have a tendency to yell and scream when they get totally stressed out and frustrated. How do you react?

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“I could give a list of incidents that have pushed me to the edge, challenged me to be firm beyond my comfort zone and have ultimately made me a better mother,” Elisabeth explains. “Like the time Easton had a meltdown at her second birthday and went running to the nanny instead of me, or when she nearly blinded me with a swift kick of her UGG boot and I had to drive home with impaired vision (thankfully only a few blocks).” But what Elisabeth has realized is that when you explain to your child that what they did was wrong and that you know they can do better, things seem to change. “In general, I’ve seen amazing results when I step back and treat Easton or another human being as if they are behaving in the way I’d like them to behave.”

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Elisabeth, who is engaged to Easton’s father, entrepreneur Ron Wooster, is really looking forward to being a “non-reactive person” this year. And although the terrible twos might challenge that goal, she thinks that a little humor and some patience will go a long way. “Parenting deeply empowers our intuition, self-respect and compassion,” she writes. “I know we can all confirm that the patience that we’ve learned to exercise has indeed brought out the best in us.” So HollyMoms, what’s your strategy for tackling this stage in your kids’ lives?

–Leigh Blickley

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