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Bonnie Says: RHBH Recap: Watch Kelsey Heartlessly Use Camille While She Begs Him Not To Leave!

Fri, January 14, 2011 11:25am EDT by HL Intern 12 Comments

Watching Camille’s despair over Kelsey ending their marriage- over the phone, no less- had to melt the heart of anyone who’d previously pegged the blonde RHBH as a villainess.

You have to commend Camille for letting the breakup unfold in front of the cameras. Honestly, what was Kelsey thinking when he encouraged the wife the wanted to cast off to star in a reality show?

There’s no way he could have come off looking good and he doesn’t. Insensitive jerk, cad, douchebag; are just some of the phrases that come to mind, when Camille revealed on last nights’ (Jan 13) episode, that Kelsey called her in the middle of the night, a few days before the Tony Awards, (he was nominated for Best Performance By A leading Actor for his role in La Cage Aux Folles) and he told her “he was done with their marriage.”

Camille relates that she begged him “please don’t leave and don’t leave the family. I was devastated.” She reveals that after this life-destroying call she didn’t want to join Kelsey at the Tonys but “Kelsey said- this is something we really need to do together. He told me, if you come and we spend some quality time together…have a romantic weekend, maybe we can work this out.”

Camille  agrees to go to NYC with the belief she said that ” we could work this out”  but get this- Kelsey, the dirtbag, puts her up in a hotel suite and wouldn’t let her stay in the couple’s own apartment. “He may be trading me in for a new model,” she confides in her make-up artist. And of course, he was trading her in for the younger flight attendant, Kayte Walsh, 29.

Camille tells us that Kelsey justified his behavior to her saying: he finally felt “appreciated” appearing in a successful play in NYC. “How about being with your wife of 13 years whose been by your side through a heart attack, your mother’s death and sobriety? Doesn’t that make you feel appreciated?”, she asks.

‘I felt like I didn’t exist,” Camille admits. And what woman wouldn’t identify with her feelings – whether your cheating husband’s a famous actor or ordinary schmo.

Kelsey keeps up the torture by toasting his Tony nomination with his on-the-way-out-wife, leading her to believe she has hope. And by not dealing with the couple’s kids.

As Camille watches her adorable Kelsey-lookalike 9 year-old daughter Mason in dance class, she can’t hide her stressed face. “Mason asks when daddy is coming home and I couldn’t lie to her that daddy’s not coming home, but I just want her to know that mommy’s here.”

Listen, no matter how rich and pampered Camille may have been, she was nevertheless, publicly humiliated in the most personal of all experiences in last night’s show,. She courageously she let it all hang out.

And it made for eye-glue-ing, gripping tv!

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