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Think Your Baby's Brainy? Well You're Right! A New Study Shows Part Of The Brain Is Fully Developed At 9 Months!

Thu, January 13, 2011 5:41pm EDT by Add first Comment


The astonishing results show tiny tots are already processing complex information before they can walk and talk.

Prepare to be amazed by your brainiac babies, HollyMoms! Scientists in the UK have been scanning the brains of babies during the first few months of their lives. The research focused on the formation of layers of insulation around nerve cells in the brain and found the process, known in scientific circles as myelination, had developed to adult levels in certain parts of the brain by the age of nine months. Now you know why your toddler can often outsmart you!

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That means babies less than a year old are already processing and understanding messages sent to their brains through the nervous system. Scientists hope the study will shed light on damage to the myelination process, which is though to be responsible for illnesses like autism. They’re hoping that these discovers will eventually lead to a way to treat the disorders. This gives new hope to parents of autistic children as well as those with mental disabilities.

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Declan Murphy, who oversaw the study at Kings College, London, says, “Until now, we’ve not been able to show how myelination develops in babies but this new MRI technique allows us to do just that.” Next up, the scientists are planning to scan the brains of premature babies to see how their myelin development differs from those born full-term.

–Ian Garland

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