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Owen Wilson, Doctors Urge Your Girlfriend To Reconsider Having A Home Birth!

Thu, January 13, 2011 10:51am EDT by 32 Comments

The actor is anxiously awaiting the birth of his first son at his multi-million dollar Maui mansion, but experts warn it’s best to have the baby in a hospital.

Owen Wilson and girlfriend, Jade Duell, are going to become first-time parents at any moment. According to reports, Jade, 28, was due on Tuesday (January 11) so their little boy is a bit late. The couple is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the bay they’re going to name Ford Linton inside their $8 million Maui, Hawaii home because Owen, 42, wants his birth to be as peaceful and Zen-like as possible. But doctors tell that giving birth at home is very risky business.“The fact is that childbirth has killed more women in history than anything else,” says Maui-based psychologist Heather Wittenberg.

We were shocked to find out that the risk of dying in childbirth in the US is worse than in 40 other countries, according to Amnesty International. “I understand that parents today want less medical intervention. But at what cost?” wonders Dr. Wittenberg.

Owen’s going to be a daddy!

“Having a home birth, to me, is like saying ‘I think I won’t wear my seatbelt on a cross-country road trip.’ You know what? You’ll probably be OK, but why take the chance – especially when the risks are so high – and the victims so precious.”

Recently Dr. Wittenberg has noticed a disturbing trend amongst well-to-do parents. “I see more and more upscale parents, who reject the safety net of medicine – immunizations, hospitals,” she tells

This woman biked to the hospital while in labor!

HollyMoms, we don’t need to tell you that pushing out a baby is hard work. Sure, the human body is a machine but even machines have a tendency to malfunction. If and when something goes wrong during the delivery, it’s best to be surrounded by medical experts.

If you want to give birth at home because you don’t like the super sterile hospital environment, Dr. Wittenberg says birthing units have come a long way since our parents were in labor. “Luckily today there are lots of great hospitals that know how to manage birth with the least medical intervention necessary,” she explains. These medical facilities have nurse-midwives to deliver the babies but the doctors are nearby should any serious problems arise.

Celine Dion was happy to be in the hospital before the birth of her twins

“Celebrities should embrace the ‘middle ground’ of delivering in a home-like, but safe environment,” says Dr. Wittenberg. “Others will follow their example.” We certainly wish Owen and Jade the best of luck with the birth of their little boy, but HollyMoms, it’s probably best that you don’t follow their lead when in labor with your next bundle of joy.

–Amy L. Harper

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