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'Water For Elephants' Is Going Into Re-Shoots…But What Will R-Patz Do With His Hair?

Wed, January 12, 2011 8:54pm EDT by 2 Comments

Although it’s not confirmed R-Patz will be at the shoot next week, we can’t help but wonder how they’ll deal with his hair being long right now for Breaking Dawn!

Robert Pattinson wrapped filming for his upcoming drama, Water for Elephants, months ago, but sources say the film will go into re-shoots next week.

Hollywood Insider reports, “I’m being told that director, Francis Lawrence, has been asked to reshoot some of the movie — someone wants the film, which is a very stylistic almost jigsaw-puzzle of a film, to appeal to a broader audience than what it will in it’s current form (read : more commercial). That doesn’t mean it’s a poor film, in fact I could be a brilliant piece, it’s just a studio making sure they get the most bums on seats possible.”

The source says the first scene being reshot “involves a 9-month old baby (blue-eyed) who is going to playing with a small dog — a Jack Russell, I believe.”

Although it doesn’t sound like R-Patz will be shooting, if the 24-year-old leading man is needed on set, how will they cover up his long hair? Currently, he’s shooting his role as Edward Cullen in Breaking Dawn, who has a totally different look than his old-fashioned veterinarian character in Elephants. That will be quite the hurdle for the makeup and hair artists!

Nevertheless, we’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about Water For Elephants and we cannot wait for it to hit theaters April 22! Are YOU excited?