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Britney Spears Has ANOTHER Bad Hair Day! Her Extensions Are Showing AGAIN!

Wed, January 12, 2011 12:30pm EDT by 1 Comment

What’s up with all the shots of Brit Brit with her hair looking a mess?

Perusing the photos that came in across the wire, we’ve got YET ANOTHER photo of Britney Spears walking around Los Angeles with her extensions showing. What is HAPPENING here, people? I’ve got a little theory. Read on, beauty fans.

I’ve thought long and hard about putting this in a post, but here it goes: I think Britney likes these photos of her hair looking like this. Because, you know, she’s Britney Spears: sex symbol since she was a teenager and someone to whom the world pays a lot of attention. I personally believe it’s just her way of thumbing her nose at the world and showing everyone that she’s just like everyone else, that she’s allowed to look like crap like everyone else who goes to the gym or run errands in her sweats. I recognize this theory isn’t groundbreaking, yet I don’t think anyone’s really put it out there so, you know, there it is.

I just wish it was some other way to make the point because this picture is pretty bad. Crappy sweatpants are one thing but looking at the underside of extensions is kind of gross.  A banana clip would be less offensive and make the point, Britney. Thanks.

What do you think? Do you think Britney purposely looks bad for these paparazzi pictures? Vote now!


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