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How To Cope If Your Man Dumps You & Moves On Like Ryan Did To Scarlett!

Tue, January 11, 2011 10:51pm EDT by 4 Comments spoke with two relationship experts who gave Scar Jo tips on how to manage her feelings after her ex-hubby moved on less than two months after their divorce!

It’s only been six weeks since Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson filed for divorce and Ryan has reportedly already moved on with his former co-star and their mutual friend, Sandra Bullock! Not surprisingly, insiders say Scarlett is broken hearted and freaking out, so consulted with two leading relationship experts who gave tips on how she should cope in this emotional situation!

According to Dr. Gilda Carle, Scarlett, 26, needs to be patient with herself and accept it’s okay to feel upset for awhile.

“You need time and you must take the time, not to understand it, but to know who you are, what you are and what you have to offer in a relationship,” she advises. “Understand it’s a shock, understand you’ll need time to heal, accept it as a betrayal, and then accept that not every guy is going to do the same thing to you.”

Even though it’s going to take time to heal, relationship expert and author of The Cult Of Celebrity Cooper Lawrence says it’s not weird Scarlett was out partying at her friend Jeremy Renner’s party over the weekend. In fact, leaving the house and having a good time can be cathartic in a situation like this.

“She wants to be in an environment where she feels safe and loved,” he says, explaining, “While she mends her heartache, she is just trying to feel ok…and maybe that’s what partying does for her.”

He adds, “So while it’s important to lick your wounds, you need to get back out there.”

Nevertheless, whether you hole up in your house or go out and rage, there is one essential step to moving on with your love life.

“The next thing you need to do is to be very judicious with who you let into your life, especially with who you married,” Dr. Gilda says.

We can’t imagine ScarJo is going to be tying the knot with a new beau anytime soon, but we hope she feels better and finds happiness just like Ryan seems to have found his!

Reporting by Jessica Finn