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EXCLUSIVE: The Two Men Who Could Make Palin's Presidential Run Official, and the Shocking Truth about Todd Palin!

Mon, January 10, 2011 2:39pm EDT by HL Intern 2 Comments


Sarah revealed on last night’s episode of Alaska that she’ll make her big Presidential decision on air with Bob and Mark of Anchorage radio station KWHL … and we got an exclusive interview with the guys who could be Sarah’s kingmakers!

Sarah Palin is going to one place and one place only to make her big announcement for President — if she does announce, of course. Not FOX News, not Oprah, not the Today show. Nope — she’s going to a couple guys named Bob and Mark from Alaska and their early-morning radio show. And we talked to them exclusively today!

“It’s very, very cool,” says Bob Lester of The Bob and Mark Show on KWHL-FM in Anchorage, Alaska, of Sarah’s choice.  “That’s just Sarah remembering where she came from. She is an international superstar — and God knows she is a lightning rod! She is now a pop icon & political icon.”

We learned that long before she was a national media star, Sarah appeared on Bob and Mark three times a week when she ran for Alaska governor back in 2006. And that Bob actually saved Sarah from quitting the race out of concern for her kids!

And here’s the funniest thing we learned from Bob and Mark: Turns out Sarah’s hubby Todd Palin was actually much more famous than Sarah in Alaska — because of his snow machine racing exploits — before she ran for office.

For what it’s worth, Bob and Mark do NOT believe that Sarah will decide to run for president against incumbent Barack Obama, adding, “If Palin ran, it would be if she really thought she was the better candidate or if she knew she could win.” For now, her plans are still a mystery, but you know where to listen if you want to hear it first!

As for Bob and Mark, they won’t know until the last minute either. If Sarah wants to be on the show, they simply get a text from her “people” — aka her husband, Todd Palin — the morning of the show. Are you relieved you don’t have to spend the next year dwelling on a possible Palin Prez — YET?