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Epic Fail: David Arquette Messed Up His Face Trying To Do The Worm?!

Thu, January 6, 2011 4:10pm EDT by Add first Comment

Trying to do this dance move in a bar—and falling on his face—was the last straw before rehab.

David Arquette checked into the Betty Ford Clinic this week for alcohol addiction and depression, and reportedly his rock bottom moment came when he smashed his face trying to do the Worm! According to the New York Post, David “busted his nose” on the floor while he was trying to do this break-dancing move at an LA club: “The 39-year-old actor fell flat on his face and bloodied his nose.” Hey David, the Worm is pretty hard to do, even if you’re sober!

David showed up in Miami a few days later to work on his show, Beacher’s Madhouse, and refused to take off a weird Lone-Ranger style mask that barely hid his black-and-blue, swollen face. “David had hurt his face doing the Worm,” a source told People of David’s attempted face-first dance move, “so he wore a mask to cover his bruises.” Spies said he “seemed wobbly and incoherent while partying with a group of dwarfs.”

It’s assumed that his bizarre behavior was due to the fact that he was still reeling from his recent separation from wife, Courteney Cox. A source told the Post, “David has not handled the split well. He’s been drinking heavily and just went wild. He got wasted and tried to do the Worm, but ended up falling on his face. There was blood everywhere.” Instructions for David, or anyone else looking to do the Worm correctly can be found here!