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John Travolta Leaves Kelly Preston and Their New Baby Behind For A Boy's Weekend!

Mon, January 3, 2011 8:30am EDT by 1 Comment

Just a month after his new son was born, the Oscar-nominated actor jetted off to Vermont for a private getaway with pals — and his wife wasn’t happy about it, at all. How would you feel, HollyMoms?

Is John Travolta a bad dad? We think he might be after hearing this story. The National Enquirer reports that Kelly Preston was devastated last month when her husband, John, left her, their daughter Ella, 10, and 1-month-old son Benjamin to spend a ski weekend with a trio of male friends. This comes on the heels of  John ditching a heavily pregnant Kelly so that he could fly to Australia to help Qantas airlines celebrate its 90th birthday. Should a dad really leave his wife and newborn at home while he parties all weekend?

Bonnie Fuller thinks her husband is an amazing dad. Do you think John Travolta measures up?

“Kelly’s heartsick,” a source close to the family told the Enquirer. “While she’s at home caring for the newborn, John flew off to the ski slopes to party with his pals!”

The star of Pulp Fiction and Grease spent three days at the upscale Vermont resort Stowe, where he skied, got massages at the resort’s luxury spa and had private dinners at restaurants like Solstice, where he and his pals dined behind screens to shield them from other diners.

Before the trip, which happened the weekend before Christmas, ending December 22, Kelly, 48, reportedly pleaded with John, 56, not to go, saying “she felt abandonded with him running off right before Christmas,” said the family insider. “John’s temper flared, and he insisted that the trip was something he needed to do. Kelly told him she was tired of him always leaving, and he angrily told her, ‘That’s the way it is,’ and left in a huff.”

The big question here is, why was John leaving his protesting wife alone with a 1-month-old child, just six weeks after he left her while she was about to give birth? Priorities, John! Priorities!

–Roger Singer

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