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Happy Birthday Mel Gibson! Today You Are 55, Jan 3rd.

Mon, January 3, 2011 7:45am EDT by HL Intern 3 Comments

It’s been a tragic few years for you and your fall from grace has been nothing short of heart-breaking for your fan.

Mel, hopefully you have learned from your past mistakes and have let go of your anger. It’s time to stop the blame game and act like a responsible father and public figure. Everyone loves a comeback, so it’s time to prove yourself that you are regretful and moving forward. Positive things will come but only if you welcome them. has all the details.

Happy birthday, Mel Gibson! When a traffic stop turned into a publicity nightmare, you may never have thought that your reputation would recover from Down Under. However, the cosmic outlook for the coming year sees a purposeful transformation that will encourage artistic expression. As an ambitious Capricorn, you’ve already taken on a slew of new responsibilities, such as fathering a new child and continuing to act, direct and produce projects that ignite your passions. A large portion of your enjoyment in the coming year will be inextricably linked to the harmony you can build with loved ones — and even important business relationships. While Capricorns can tend towards going it alone and over-stressing independence, you’re learning that the bravest heart is willing to show its vulnerability by opening up to another individual who enriches your life in ways you can’t do alone.

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