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'Bachelor' Brad Womack Is Back Tonight! Are You Happy About His Return?

Mon, January 3, 2011 10:02am EDT by Add first Comment

Do you still hate Brad for breaking DeAnna and Jenni’s hearts on season 11? Be sure to check back here at for an update on the ‘The Bachelor’ after tonight’s premiere!

Bachelor Brad Womack is back! But the question is: How do fans feel about his return? Brad is the renowned 38-year-old Texan Bachelor who left season 11 single after refusing to give the final rose and an engagement ring to either of the final two women, DeAnna Pappas, 29, and Jenni Croft, 27. His dramatic exit left Bachelor fans questioning his decision, but now some are saying he deserves this second go. What do you think? Should ABC have given Brad another chance?

Here’s what fans are saying on ABC’s message board:

Pro Brad’s Return:

  • Sexistpig: “After many failed Bachelor relationships, he is the one who had the integrity not to choose anyone. People respect Brad for being honest. — respect being the key word.”
  • Pdilly1: “Everyone and I do mean everyone makes mistakes.  Actually I am not sure that not picking someone is a mistake at all.  Why should he have to pick anyone at all?”
  • Jenmat327: “Is Brad Womack a better person now?  He seems to think he is.  Honestly, I don’t think DeAnna and Jenni were the right people for him. They both have found their “one”, I sincerely hope that he does too.”
  • Istall91: “Would it have been better for him to follow through with things, pick a girl he was totally crazy about, have her fall in love with him, and THEN realize he made a mistake? No. I give Brad a lot of credit for doing what he thought was the right thing to do.”

Against Brad’s second chance:

  • Jodiann66: “I’m just wondering how many girls are going to be on the show to meet Brad and how many are on just to seek out some form of revenge.”
  • Lovepeterjennings: “It is RIDICULOUS for them to do this. I couldn’t stand this bachelor from the minute I saw him and was glad he didn’t pick anyone. He needs to go on his own and go find someone.”
  • JennyGarner: “Just wondering can someone explain to me why they are giving this bachelor a second chance?”
  • Mystified04: “They think they can ‘break’ him this time around and make him propose. They couldn’t do that the first time.”

My thought? Brad is still the same bull s**t Bachelor he was on season 11. But my personal thoughts aside, Brad went on Good Morning America on Jan. 3 and said he “found the absolute love of his life.” Do you believe him or do you think he’s full of crap? Vote below!

And be sure to check out the season premiere of The Bachelor tonight on ABC!

— Lindsey DiMattina