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'Bridalplasty' Recap: E! Host Giuliana Rancic Is Horrified To See The Brides' Floral Knowledge!

Sun, January 2, 2011 11:09pm EDT by 8 Comments

The trainwreck that officially refuses to crash chugs on for yet another week with the brides proving they have no talent for floral work!

The substantially shallow women of Bridalplasty continued in their quest to look nothing like their actual selves on the Jan. 2 episode, this week delving into the world of floral design. Most bouquets though, along with the spirits of many viewers it can be assumed, were dead.

For women who are so seemingly obsessed with their own personal aesthetic, these ladies have no eye for any sort of beauty. Week after week, whether it is picking a wedding dress, wedding ring or in this case bouquet, they all display an utter lack of taste. Almost every bouquet was dead and most had feathers in them. Classy.

Guest judge this week was world famous E! personality Giuliana Rancic, a flower expert as she has been married one assumes. She brought what she generally brings to the table at these things with her dialed up energy and from the looks on some of the girl’s faces one would think Julia Roberts had just walked in the room.

The winner was Janessa, currently savoring her similar accolades as the program’s most appalling human being, and she decided to finally get the nose she always dreamed of! The operation seemed to go fine and as a result of her incapacitated status, she was given the deciding vote in this week’s elimination.

The bottom two were Netty and Lisa Marie (as always), and Janessa chose to get rid of Netty. Something about making her alliance stronger or whatnot, though I’m still not sure since these women seem to shift allegiances every episode.

Next week looks amazing however as we get to meet the mother-in-laws. Hopefully they all go home and tell their sons to run after seeing what’s happening in this house.

-Chris Spargo