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Hollywood Insiders On Lindsay Lohan's Future: She Needs To Stay Away From Reality TV If She Still Wants To Be A Serious Actress!

Fri, December 31, 2010 5:00pm EDT by 3 Comments

Lindsay Lohan’s stay at the Betty Ford clinic is quickly coming to an end and everyone wants to know if Hollywood will welcome her back with open arms — we have the answer!

In 2007 when Britney Spears had her famous melt down, shaved her head and had to go under a court appointed conservatorship, jaws in Hollywood were dropping right and left. No one thought anyone could go so low — that is until 24-year-old Lindsay Lohan picked up her own bad girl image, spinning out of control, abusing drugs, alcohol, missing court appointments, telling lies, lashing out at those closest to her and blaming everyone but herself for her troubles.

Everyone is wondering if Lindsay’s release from her stint in rehab will get her back in with young Hollywood’s hot and extremely competitive talent pool. spoke with industry professionals who say she’s got a shot — but only if she plays her cards right.

“If she’s serious about her career, she’ll stay away from reality TV,” a TV and film producer told us. “Those shows can be career killers if mishandled. I think slow and steady is the name of the game, and she shouldn’t jump into anything too quickly. She was a great comedic actress, and she was both charming and relatable. A solid part that gets her back on the big screen in a small capacity would be best.”

Our source also said Lindsay should follow the following steps to make sure her return to Hollywood’s limelight stays on track:

-Get healthy for yourself first, not your career.
-Get rid of anyone in your life who is poison to your well-being. Surround yourself with positive people.
-Stay out of the media as much as possible. Focus on yoursself getting better and not on publicity.
-Work on your craft before signing on with a project. The first movie/tv show back is the most important, and you’ll need to be at your best
-Pick a project that you care about and that feels right for you. Don’t do something just because it might get you publicty or make a lot of headlines. If you love acting, you should get back into it for yourself and no one else.
-Once attached to the project, work as if you’re starting from the bottom. (which she kind of is) Show the people who hired you that you are dependable and that you want to do good work. People talk in this town, and more than that, your actions will speak volumes.

Despite all the trouble she’s caused, one film director believes Lindsay is capable of winning back Hollywood’s heart, which tends to hand out more than few chances after screwing up.

“If Lindsay Lohan is right for the part, she’ll get it,” our source told “Nobody is ever off limits in Hollywood, Robert Downey proved that and many people are jerks in the industry and they keep getting jobs, so Lindsay is famous enough that she can make a comeback, and isn’t that what America loves… a comeback”

We’d love to see Lindsay make a comeback…fingers crossed it happens!

Aimee Curran