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Jon Gosselin Is Not Happy About Kate Taking The Kids To Australia And Asked A Judge To Stop Her!

Thu, December 30, 2010 2:53pm EDT by 24 Comments

Courtesy of TLCJon Gosselin went to court to stop his ex-wife, Kate, from taking their eight kids to Australia for New Year’s, but the judge ruled in her favor. An insider tells HollyBaby exclusively that Jon’s upset about it and worried about his kids missing so much school time.

It seems like Jon Gosselin doesn’t spend a lot of time with his children, but it might not be him who’s to blame. RadarOnline is reporting that in a desperate attempt to keep his eight kids — 10-year-old twins Cara and Mady and 6-year-old sextuplets Alexis, Collin, Leah, Joel, Hannah and Aaden — from flying to Australia with his ex, Kate, for New Year’s, Jon took the case to court. Obviously his plan didn’t work since Kate and the kids have already landed Down Under. And an insider tells HollyBaby exclusively, “Jon’s bummed about it.”

The Gosselin kids want to live with Jon

“Kate told Jon about the trip, and when he did not agree, it was decided that the judge should intervene and the ruling went in her favor,” a source tells RadarOnline. The decision to allow the trip was made at a secret closed-door hearing at Berks County Court in Pennsylvania earlier this month by the same judge that let Kate shoot her spin-off reality TV show Kate Plus 8 on the TLC network, despite Jon’s attempts to keep the children from being filmed. “The judge ruled that because it was for work it was OK,” the source says. “Jon had plans to get together with his kids and friends for New Year’s, but now he will not see them until they return in the middle of January.”

Kate lied about her two kids being expelled from school

Jon was scheduled to have the kids this weekend, but once the decision was made he had no choice but to let them go on the Australian excursion. “Kate had the kids on the Fourth of July, on Thanksgiving, and on Christmas Day,” an insider tells “New Year’s Eve was his first holiday in a while with the kids. He was super excited and had big plans that he had to cancel. He was looking forward to having his friends and family and kids all together that holiday.”

Kate let the kids terrorize Philadelphia!

Kate’s trip is being paid for by TLC — according to Qantas the first-class flights alone cost $140,926 — and footage will be shot for future episodes of Kate Plus 8. “Jon understands that it would be very fun but it’s a lot for 6-year-olds to take on,” the insider tells HollyBaby. “He seemed happy they will get a great experience in a country like Australia, but it’s unfortunate that it will all be filmed, rather than a private getaway.”

The kids are due back at school on January 4, but Kate plans on keeping them away until mid-January. “It appears they will be missing a lot of school, which upset Jon,” the insider adds. Who sounds like the better parent now? Kate has not only taken her kids away from Jon for almost every holiday, she’s letting them skip school too! A little over a month after, two of them were expelled!

When asked about the situation on Twitter, Jon responded, “We win some we lose some I guess. As long as we fight the good fight right?” Good for him. At least he tried.

–Leigh Blickley, additional reporting by Chloe Melas

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