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Hank Baskett Gives Kendra An Ultimatum: 'Move To Minnesota Or It's Over!'

Thu, December 30, 2010 1:01pm EDT by 7 Comments
Hank misses his son and wants Kendra to move to Minnesota or ship out! Can she give up her love of partying and leave L.A. to save her marriage?

Sounds like there might be trouble in paradise for Kendra Wilkinson and her footballer hubby, Hank Baskett. Hank is reportedly fed up with Kendra’s partying ways and is sick of living apart from her and their 1-year-old son, Hank Jr! “Hank is starting to resent not having his wife and son around,” a pal tells InTouch. “He gave her an ultimatum: Live with him in Minnesota during football season, and he’ll live with her in L.A. during the off-season — or it’s over.”

Kendra talks about her first year as a mom!

The couple, who married on June 27, 2009 at the Playboy Mansion, have been bickering and can’t seem to agree on the right way to make their marriage work. “They’ve been fighting a lot about everything — it’s bad,” the friend says. “Hank thinks Kendra is away too much.” When Kendra, 25, arrived in Minnesota to visit Hank, 28, over Christmas, the Girls Next Door star “was in a bad mood” and she and Hank “were arguing,” a local says. “People in Minnesota think she’s spoiled; she thinks she’s too cool for us here.”

Baby Hank lived with his dad in Minnesota for a while

Well, as people know, Kendra is happy in Los Angeles and has established a life there. She apparently just isn’t willing to pack up and move to the cold of Minnesota. “Kendra refused his offer,” says the pal. “She thought she wanted to settle down and play house, but she longs for her old lifestyle,” says an insider. “Kendra misses being single.” And that is not going over well with Hank. Opposites may attract, but Kendra and Hank might just be “too different,” the insider says. “Hank’s traditional and Kendra likes to party. She’s just sick of being married!”

Kendra: ‘Why I left Hank’

What does this all mean for baby Hank? We sure hope they work it out and realize that their son needs both of his parents around — relationships mean having to compromise sometimes, Kendra!

–Leigh Blickley

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