Kate Gosselin Lets Her Kids Terrorize Philadelphia! They're Totally Out Of Control!

Wed, December 29, 2010 7:00am EST by 5 Comments

First they tore up Sarah Palin’s home in Alaska, now they are wrecking havoc on historical sites in Philadelphia!

We already know that the eight Gosselin children are simply out of control. Remember how they went on a rampage at Sarah Palin’s Alaska home, while their mom stood by and did nothing? Well, now we hear that while on an educational field trip in Philadelphia on Dec. 20, the kids went nuts as they visited the different historical sites and museums. And what did Kate Gosselin do to stop them? Nothing!

Is Kate Gosselin lying about her kids to protect them or her image?

“While at the Liberty Bell exhibit, the kids started running wild,” a witness tells Life & Style magazine. “They were trying to touch the bell, and the guards freaked out.”

The Gosselin kids want to move in with their dad Jon!

But instead of trying to calm her kids down, Kate, 35, blew up on the guards! “She was incredibly nasty to them and tried to make excuses for her kids’ behavior,” says the onlooker. “But the kids were definitely out of line!”

Kate Gosselin lets her kids run wild in other people’s houses. Is this appropriate?

Wow! What’s going to happen to these kids when they grow up?

–Lindsey DiMattina

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Posted at 9:48 PM on January 28, 2011  

Jenspal, Maggo, and greeny, YOU are the jokes. You’re a pathetic jealous bunch aren’t you. Its very apparent to any intelligent person that Kate has her children’s best interest in mind. Hm, funny isn’t it that the Judge ruled in HER favor and what HE feels is the best interst of the children? Funny that if Kate is such an awful Mom, that her dead beat, lazy, cheating, husband wasn’t awarded full custody isn’t it?? Hm, maybe YOU know Kate and the situation better than the Judge does? You sound like a bunch of hateful jealous fools bashing a woman who is doing her best to raise EIGHT children ALONE because her cheating husband couldn’t deal with it. Jenspal poor jealous girl, yes it looks as though these kids WORK really hard at having fun, visiting interesting places all week, and hm, funny, Kate is never around?? Hm, who is that?? Her double on the show?? Those kids get more quality Parental attention than I’m sure your kids will ever have. Your obviously not a Nurse hun, OR a mother, so don’t make comments about medical conditions OR parenting that you obviously know nothing about. FYI hun, you don’t have to be diabetic to have low blood sugar and if you were a parent (hopefully your not) then you would know that – kids – GET CRANKY, kids HAVE TEMPER TANTRUMS, kids GET HUNGRY and their blood sugar drops and it DOESN’T mean they are STARVING! And some times MOM’s – they actually yell! FYI hun – thats the reality of raising kids and there is NOTHING abnormal or unusual about it!
And Maggie, dear, tell us how you know the Gosslin children are struggling with school?? They are in Excelled classes hun. Hm those are not children “struggling” in school. Are your kids in excelled classes? Would YOU take your children out of school if they were FORTUNATE enough to have the opportunity to visit New Zealand and Australia and LEARN about other cultures?? No, YOU probably would not but any GOOD Parent would do exactly what Kate has done!You sad jealous women.

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Posted at 1:25 AM on January 31, 2011  

OMG LMAO @ Tracy!!! This was probably the dumbest “defending Kate” response I have ever read. You go from sorta defending her/making more excuses for her/repeating VERY old accusations to actually attacking other people because you don’t like their opinion of Kate. Do you see the insanity in that at all???? Sounds like YOU have some serious issues you may need to address with a therapist “hun”.

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Posted at 3:09 PM on December 29, 2010  

Look out Australia and New Zealand. Word has it the Gosselin 8 and their divalicious mom boarded a plane headed your direction last night. Yes, the kids who are struggling with school have been pulled for filming down under until mid-January.

What six year olds don’t long to see New Zealand and Australia!! Very important that they get this in before they’re seven than work on the social/anger issues they are struggling with.

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bleeds green

Posted at 10:51 AM on January 5, 2011  

I could not agree with both of you more. This poor excuse for a mother should be court ordered to have these kids in therapy. But after all whats wrong with selling your kids on the t.v. black market!! she is a true joke & needs to wake up & stop smelling the green $.

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Posted at 2:37 PM on December 29, 2010  

She’s a pathetic excuse for a mother. She always has an excuse as to why her children are out of control, whiney, bratty little terrors. Either they’re tired (gee, maybe because they have to WORK to earn a living instead of just being a normal kid?), they’re suffering from low blood sugars (since when have any of them had diabetes?? And if their sugars are THAT low, then someone needs to find out why their MOTHER isn’t feeding them properly!), they’re acting out because of the divorce (um or because their mother is never around and when she is, she ignores them or yells at them and she bad mouths their father to anyone who will listen). These kids feel entitled and they learned it from their mother….it’s never their fault, it’s never their mothers’ fault, it’s always someone elses’ fault. So sick of this poor excuse for a mother

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