Happy Birthday Jude Law! Today You Are 38. Dec 29th.

Wed, December 29, 2010 7:43am EST by 1 Comment

One of the most charming Brit’s in Hollywood, you can still make us swoon over and over again!

Jude, your girlfriend Sienna Miller’s birthday is the day before yours so are both undoubtedly, celebrating this week together! You are lucky she gave you a second chance after you cheated on her the first time around so this year really focus on being a loyal and caring partner to her. She deserves it and she seems to make you happier than ever! Astrology.com has all the details.

Happy Birthday, Jude Law! No matter how well your latest film ends up doing at the box office, bigger and better things are to come. The first three months of the year see you signing on to even bigger projects, including word of a role that might be your ticket to the Oscars; springtime looks to bring even more professional triumphs!

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Irresistable Girl

Posted at 4:34 PM on December 29, 2010  

Happy Birthday Jude Law and your other half Sienna Miller which her birthday was yesterday and many happy returns to both of you. Anyway it’s a nice big house that you purchase for yourself and Sienna to live in Jude, you really trying to push your celebrity status to the public or to the limit should I say. From the time you and Sienna got back together this year, you and her being on one lavish expensive holiday to another, you even paid for Sienna friends, family and your family to go on holiday too, and now this expensive hollywood mansion in some place in the UK and what else you going to surprise us with Jude for the new year of 2011. If there is any plans for marriage for you and Sienna on the cards for the new year. You better make sure you have a good investment to fall back unto, that is making millions of pounds each year which doesn’t always include acting. Because the reason why I’m saying this Jude you are 38 years old you not far from 40. Another 2 years to go and you be 40 years old that will make you a middle-age guy. When white people reach there 40’s most of them or majority of them, they do lose there looks quickly than black people at that age and when you are celebrity and most of the reason why you still employed and making a living or earning millions in the bank, not because of your talent, or being competitive, it’s because of your physical appearance. God help any actor or actress in Hollywood USA especially if they white or causcian and you lose your looks or beauty when they reach middle-age and you don’t have another prosperous career of good Investment to fall back unto financially. If you and Sienna ever get married and you both don’t take marriage very seriously, because you both look at it as a piece of paper. If that marriage don’t work out as you both hoped it will, you know Jude by Law that Sienna will get most or even half of your Salary in a divorce settlement, by the time you pay out divorce settlement and plus take care off your baggage which you already taken care off with your 1st Ex wife Sadie Frost with your children and plus the other child you have outside of marriage. It definitely will leave you broke, look what happened to you with your first marriage, didn’t that divorce settlement left you skint. If you don’t mind sharp history can repeat itself, you do know that don’t you, if you are not careful. Because you and Sienna are both used to that Lavish lifestyle by now especially Sienna, because since you and her got back together you seemed to be spoiling her rotton with holidays together which wouldn’t be a surprise if it’s most of your money that went into this new property this hollywood American Mansion that you Jude and Sienna will be both be sharing together as couple in the new year. Because I can’t see Sienna having that sort of money to buy a house like that, because her acting career has went downhill over a few years till present, so her bank balance can’t be on the same level as yours Jude. Even though she has another new career as a fashion designer to fall back unto for finance, but that can’t be bringing her and her sister millions of pounds a year in there business account like Versace and Dolce and Gabanna. Lets face it Jude, everybody knows that you are the breadwinner out you and Sienna, so if this marriage don’t work out between you and Sienna, and Sienna is now so used to living the lifestyle as a queen or princess, do you really think she going to leave a failed marriage behind her, without getting something valuable out of it so she will never be broke or penniless. So she can continue to live the pampered lifestyle, she get so used too, which everybody is mostly comfortable with and really Jude do you really blame Sienna, especially if a women get scorned. There is something for you to think about for the new year Jude Law.
by Irresistable Girl.

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