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Demi Lovato Plans Post-Treatment Tour In 2011! Will She Come Out Edgier Than Taylor Momsen?

Wed, December 29, 2010 10:37am EDT by William Earl 6 Comments

Do you think Demi’s time in treatment will harden her image?

Demi Lovato, 18, has remained committed to her time in an Illinois treatment center, reportedly battling eating and cutting disorders. But reports are surfacing that Demi’s on track to deliver a solo tour in 2011. We’re sure she went to some dark places while in treatment, and we are expecting to see a Demi more in line with angsty rocker girls like 17-year-old Taylor Momsen than her Disney peers.

According to the Associated Press, representatives for Demi confirmed “the tour is still on track,” in spite of her emotional issues. The news was part of a larger article about the music business shying away from expensive ticket prices. In it, Demi was quoted about the issue, saying, “I have best friends that aren’t in the industry and are dealing with just buying groceries and things like that, so I want to do my part.”

We’re thrilled to hear about Demi’s focus on a professional comeback and accommodation to fans, but can only imagine that any new music or performances will have a distinctly darker edge. After all, although Tayor’s angst is arguably manufactured, Demi is now facing demons and has real emotion to bring onstage.

— William Earl