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LAURA'S LOVE LIFE ADVICE: Is It Ever OK To Confront Your Ex's New GF, Like Demi Lovato Did To Ashley Greene?

Wed, December 22, 2010 11:28am EDT by 10 Comments

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Demi reportedly sent Joe Jonas’ new love a nasty e-mail…but was this the right move to make?

I’m going to take a crazy shot in the dark here and say that the majority of you aren’t going to have major love for your ex-boyfriend’s new squeeze. So can you blame Demi Lovato for loathing Ashley Greene, who’s currently dating her former BFF and BF Joe Jonas? Of course not. But will you blame Demi for her less-than-sane reaction to the news that Joe had moved on? Let’s see…

According to X17online, Demi actually sent the Twilight actress a nasty email, blasting her for “stealing her boyfriend and parading around with him on tour.” She also told that she had “lost respect for Joe.”  Where she went wrong: Demi didn’t confront the problem head-on: she SHOULD have been talking to Joe!

Don’t ask me why, but women have a tendency to blame the other woman, instead of blaming the man who caused the situation. Ashley and Joe didn’t start dating until well after Demi and Joe had split, yet the Camp Rock 2 starlet still chose to to lay the blame on Ashley. Fair? Not at all.

Yes, Ashley should have been more sensitive to Demi’s feelings, but at the end of the day, she and Joe had dated for two months only…and if your man is asking you to come on tour with him because it’s the only way you can see him, you’re going! The fact that Demi sent such an irrational email was totally out of line (but OK, she IS in rehab at the moment, so we should be a little forgiving).

What she SHOULD have done is spoken to Joe directly. She should have said that Ashley’s presence on tour bothered her and politely requested that to have her around a little less often. If Joe had any kind of respect for his former best friend/girlfriend at all, he would have honored her wishes.

It’s hard enough to keep the peace with an ex as it is, never mind having his new girlfriend and new happiness constantly thrown in your face. My heart goes out to Demi, truly…but she needs to grow up and learn to face the music as an adult. Life — and love — isn’t always easy.


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Did Demi Lovato Send Ashley Greene A Hateful E-mail While On Tour?