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Kids 101: Real-Life Moms Share Tips On Preparing Your Kids For A New Baby

Mon, December 20, 2010 9:00am EDT by Add first Comment

Some children eagerly await the arrival of a baby brother or sister, while others throw tantrums and demand that their new sibling be removed from the house immediately. Our BFFs at asked real-life parents for advice on getting your kid ready for a new arrival.

We’ve all heard about the kids who, when presented with a new sibling, demand that the baby be “sent back”! Or who regress into infant-like habits themselves, hoping that will win back Mom and Dad’s attention. But plenty of other children greet a new addition to the family with excitement, joy and love. Want to set the stage for a positive sibling relationship from the get-go in your home? Here, iVillage readers share real mom-to-mom strategies for preparing the children you already have for the one who’s about to arrive.

1. Show them what’s going on.
“I took my 2-year-old to my ultrasound appointment and let him watch. He was fascinated and wanted to get real close to the screen and said he wanted to give the baby a lollipop!”

2. Give them information on their schedule.
“My preschooler had a lot of questions — from how the new baby got in my belly to will I still love her after the baby is born. We took the time to answer each of her questions as they came up, simply, to reassure her.”

3. Convey enthusiasm about the upcoming events.
“My daughter was 17 months old when I became pregnant again. Getting ready for baby’s arrival became a special mommy-daughter time. I told her how I would need help from her and what a great big sister she would be. I was so excited about all of the things that she and I would do together that she couldn’t help but get excited as well.”

4. Make the baby-name game a family affair.
“We encouraged our 5-year-old to help us pick out names for the baby. We felt that if he were involved in more personal way, it would help those feelings of jealousy. My husband and I picked out names and let Joshua pick out the middle name from a small list that we had narrowed down. He is so proud of ‘his’ baby!”

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Tell us: How did your child react to the arrival of a new sibling?

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