Bev Hills Real Housewife Kyle: The Camille Catfight Made Me Sick to My Stomach!

Fri, December 17, 2010 5:48pm EST by 47 Comments

Last night’s epic dinner party from hell on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has left Kyle Richards feeling terribly guilty!

“After something like last night, it leaves me with a really bad feeling in my stomach,” she told exclusively at the Duracell Mobile Smart Power Lab in New York City.

Kyle says she especially feels bad for bringing her BFF and daughter’s godmother Faye Resnick into the the whole mess and even called her up before the episode aired to apologize.

“Faye and I met through my sister and Kris Jenner years ago.  She is an amazing friend and a great mother,” she says. “I felt so guilty for dragging her into that. She didn’t deserve it”

But Kyle isn’t the one who should be feeling bad: It was Camille Grammer’s friend, the so-called psychic “median” Allison DuBois, who bashed Kyle’s marriage, insulted Faye and then puffed away on a electronic cigarette bragging about herself drunk. Her behavior was so out of line, cruel and just downright bizarre!

“She was absolutely crazy,” Kyle says! “It’s only a one hour show so it went on much longer than you saw!”

Kyle admits her husband Mauricio wasn’t exactly happy with watching the catfight, either!

“He been very supportive from the beginning but he doesn’t like drama and he doesn’t like that I get so upset,” she says.

Camille did attempt to make amends for the disastrous dinner party when she phoned into Watch With Andy Cohen Thursday night while Kyle was a guest. She apologized for her rude comments about Kyle’s marriage and for going along with Allison’s hateful attitude.

“It was really nice of her to do that but I don’t know if it was sincere,” says Kyle. “I hope it was, but I appreciated it and I’m trying to move forward.”

Tell us what YOU thought of the crazy Beverly Hills dinner party!

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Posted at 2:46 PM on November 12, 2012  

Camille seriously needs to find some new friends, the psycho psychic is definitely a great big NOT!!! Very sorry that Kelsey did what he did to her,but so called friend should have been known that was coming. What happened to her? Few to many cocktails and few to many puffs on that crazy electronic cigarette? Hmmmm!

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Posted at 12:30 PM on January 14, 2011  

I love these shows because it shows how truly out of touch with reality these women really are! Did they really believe that regardless of what Camille told them about Allison getting nasty when she drinks or how she was there as a guest, not a fortune teller, that they could push and plead for a “reading” and not be insulted??? And then for Faye Resnick to claim it was the absolute worst night of her life makes one really wonder what kind of real friend she can be after having her “best” friend’s throat slashed and THAT not be considered a “bad night”!!!

Of all the women, I like Camille the best! She’s only the “bad guy” because she hasn’t got a gay moocher or whiney husband on her heels.

As for the “Hilton” girls, they’re as dippy as their overexposed niece!

I’ve never seen such a shallow group. At least they’re entertaining.

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Marilyn Saenz

Posted at 9:45 PM on January 1, 2011  

It is amazing to me the way these women act– Camille is a bitch and loves to drumb up trouble– PHONY– Kyle is a snott to Kim– The girls have this fight at Camilles witch was planned then indivually have lunch with Camille– Looking at all these women you can see how two faced they are– they have no idea what friendship is about– With friends like these who needs enemies– They do not stand up to for each other–

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Posted at 8:08 PM on December 28, 2010  

Sam, read the statement on the site as well. Yes of course the show is edited, but Dubois’s statement doesn’t help her case. The words from Dubois that were aired on the show were not cut and pasted.  They were complete enough on there own, to warrant reasonable criticism. Her statement about her being a drug and people can’t get enough of her… If I had ever purchased a book by her, or had a reading from her I would of found this very disturbing and disrespectful. I just feel that if she does have any psychic abilities, she used them in such a way that was reckless and with malice.

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Posted at 12:54 AM on December 28, 2010  

Yes this is a show and I can get past all the drama of the “stars” of it.
I cannot get past Allison Dubois’ behavior. She supposedly uses her “gift” to help people and she says things like: I know how she will die and what will happen to her family afterward – I love that about myself! The worst was that if their kids went missing and they came to her for help she would say f you. She isn’t out to help anyone but herself. Her own website has a blurb saying the episode was “recklessly edited” and did not portray her accurately. She showed her true colors. She is only out for your money – buy a book – buy tickets. Wow, I’ll never watch Medium again. Sorry Jake and Patricia – loved you guys.

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