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Bonnie Says: Do Not Ever Accept an Invite to Dinner at RHBH Camille Grammer's House!

Fri, December 17, 2010 12:56pm EDT by HL Intern 8 Comments

Warning! do not under any circumstances succumb to Camille’s seductive invite phone call like the other shocked Beverly Hills housewives did on last nights’ (Dec. 16th) show.

Camille, like some kind of beautiful sorceress, baited her fellow housewife prey with an inviting invitation and then had a version of a fire-breathing dragon awaiting her victims at her swanky dinner party.

In this case — her surprise dragon was Allison Dubois, her longtime friend and the real life psychic that the show Medium is based upon. Though now, after seeing the cocktail-swilling, cigarette-smoking Allison in action, she is nothing like Patricia Arquette‘s momsy medium.

Allison is just plain weird. She appeared to lie in wait until the other inquisitive housewives began to badger her about giving them some kind of reading.

Curious Kyle who should have known better after her last Camille battle, but she was nevertheless the most persistent questioner and Allison, on a martini high,  was just waiting to pounce.

Your marriage won’t last through your kids teen years, she told Kyle. Well, that got the fireworks exploding.

Oh wait, or did the night first head  into mayhem when Camille announced that Kyle’s BFF, Faye Resnick, who she had brought along to the dinner party, had stripped for a Playboy spread.

Was Camille insulting Faye or bonding with her, since Camille had her own Playboy photoshoot in her past?

Faye Resnick by the way was the best friend of OJ Simpson‘s murdered wife, Nicole Brown Simpson.

Anyway, Camille, in an interview after the disaster dinner,  in the understatement of the year said the party “started out positive and it went down in flames.”

What we were treated to were  wall to wall insults between Kyle and Allison, Allison and Faye, Camille and Kyle and Taylor and Kim, all while Allison and Camille just couldn’t help letting snide little smiles escape.

Allison curled her lips over smoking her cigarette and deliciously ordered Kyle and Faye to leave — “You have two legs, they can walk.” she hissed.

After the wives, and Faye stormed out, fussing like a flock of hens, Allison announced “Kyle’s a little bitch,” “she’s the ringleader,” “Kyle was every girl at a high school that made someone kill themselves,” “she’s profoundly bankrupt.” “Bitch is a one syllable word for a reason — it’s all they understand,” Allison she added with satisfaction while Camille giggled.

Her devious dinner ambush had worked. The Beverly Hills Housewives had plenty to cluck about as they limo-ed home with their indigestion.

It was RIVETING TV. Can’t wait to see how the show can top those fireworks next episode.

One word of warning to Kelsey and his “nice” new fiancée, Kayte Walsh — better watch your backs because Camille has “evil” Allison Dubois watching hers!


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