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LAURA'S LOVE LIFE ADVICE: Should You Force Yourself To Be Single For A Year Like Kim?

Thu, December 16, 2010 10:39am EDT by 1 Comment
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Is it a good idea to take a breather from men when you’re as unlucky in love as Kim Kardashian is?

Three failed relationships in a one year period is bound to make anyone a little gun shy about getting involved again, but Kim Kardashian is really taking things to the extreme with her latest plan: she’s vowed to remain single for an entire year! But can she actually do it, and, more to the point, is this idea completely insane?

In all honesty, I think Kim‘s idea is fantastic — and completely undoable. Why NOT take a year off from men to focus on the most important thing in your world: YOU? In that year perhaps you’ll learn to ski or take up bungee jumping or travel the world. You may be able to ‘find yourself’, so to speak, so that when that perfect guy comes along, you’re ready.

Although Kim may have thought she was ready to settle down at the age of 30, she’s not. She’s got a thriving career, a plethora of TV appearances and promotional activities and is traveling nonstop for work, not pleasure. She doesn’t have time to be in a committed relationship, as she said on the Rachel Ray Show Thursday, so taking a year off from dating wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for her. But can she do it? Nah. Kim’s a lover, and when every man on the world has his eye on you, it’s nearly impossible to turn them all down.

Plus, the Kardashian Konfidential star has made this kind of blanket statement before — after breaking up with Reggie Bush but before her relationships with Miles Austin and Gabriel Aubrey, mind you — so we know she’s not the best at sticking to her goals…

In theory, I think this is a great idea. Would I be able to do it? Heck, no — but I have as little willpower as Kim does. Should you try this at home? If you’ve got something to prove and you’re ready to do YOU for a change, go for it…and tell me how you feel after your man-free year!


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