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'DWTS' Will Do Anything To Get Lindsay Lohan — But They’ll Settle for Ali! Exclusive!

Thu, December 16, 2010 4:32pm EDT by 2 Comments
Getty Images

Getty Images

When you can’t get one Lohan, might as well try for the other. Sources tell us that DWTS will take either one!

Dancing with the Stars is practically salivating over the thought of getting Lindsay Lohan on their show, but it’s nowhere near a done deal. However, when one Lohan window closes, another Lohan door opens in the form of Ali Lohan…or even Dina Lohan!

“The door is always open for Lindsay; they want the first Lohan on the show to be her,” a source close to the show tells “The talks are over for now, but they are never gone. They always have their feelers on all the people they always want, because they have had people change their mind before. There was even brief talk of bringing in Ali for the show.” At age 16, she’d be one of the youngest contestants the show’s ever had.

If Lindsay, 24, becomes a definite “no,” then DWTS will definitely settle for the next best thing: Ali Lohan.

“They have done the young people route, so they are throwing the sibling of a star route as an idea,” our insider says. And if even Ali also says “thanks, but no thanks,” they have their last ditch effort ready: 48-year-old Dina Lohan.

“They had the feeling that Dina actually wanted to do it more, but they wanted to focus all of their attention on Lindsay, as that would be the big get,” the source reveals. “They would consider Dina, just for the fact of the Palin Factor, but they are going through other names before they cross that path.”

It’ll probably be awhile before we get any news on whether or not a Lohan will be hitting the dance floor, but it’s safe to assume that DWTS will do everything in it’s power to get LiLo in some dancing shoes. “LiLo would be paid very well. The further she went the more she would get paid, but specifics would have to happen if deeper negotiations happened,” our source says.

Jenna Mullins, with reporting by Russ Weakland