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Insiders: Miley's Bong Smoking Makes Her MORE Desirable To Hire! Shocking Exclusive!

Wed, December 15, 2010 7:23pm EDT by 3 Comments

Miley is a Disney star turned wild child, and her rebellious behavior doesn’t seem to be slowing down — is she still a hireable after all her recent headlines? Hollywood pros say ‘yes!’

In Hollywood, you aren’t worth anything if you’re worth nothing to studios. The second you lose your bank-ability is the second you become yesterday’s news. With all of Miley Cyrus’ recent headline splashing behavior, is she still someone that studios will trust to attach to their projects?

We spoke to a television and film producer who shined some light on Miley’s bank-ability and told us Miley shouldn’t see any problems with getting work in her future.

“I really don’t think this episode of ‘Miley’s World’ is going to stop any director from hiring her at this point. She continuously displays rebellious behavior but still shows up for work, does her job and fills seats at the movies,” our source told

So, until Miley’s bad habits start affecting her work, we shouldn’t label her the next Lindsay Lohan just yet. After all, if she can bring the goods to set, then studios don’t care what happens in her down time.

In fact, what happens in her down time might actually boost her career, especially if those extracurricular activities includes shedding her sweet Hannah Montana image.

“This could actually open some doors to more edgy roles for her, as crazy as that sounds,” our Hollywood expert said. “People are intrigued by the fast train she is riding and waiting with baited breath to see if she ends up a train wreck.”

A feature film director with whom we spoke said despite the skanky clothes, the bong hits, and the wild child behavior, Miley will do just fine for the time being.

“She is definitely insurable. She has yet to let down a director or studio. But she seems to be on the same train as the Lindsay’s and Britney’s!” the insider said.

–Jenna Mullins, with reporting by Kirstin Benson