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Bonnie Says: Is Kate Lying About Her Kids To Protect Them Or Her Image?

Wed, December 15, 2010 11:51pm EDT by 39 Comments
Posted Wed, December 15, 2010 11:51pm EDT

Kate lied and lied again about two of her sextuplets, Alexis and Collin, being expelled from school—and her lies are hurting them.

When the first reports appeared saying that two of her 6-year-old sextuplets, Collin and Alexis, had been expelled from their elite private school, Kate made a point of denying the reports.

And her denials were done in a very major way—on the Today Show, in People magazine and on Entertainment Tonight.

Now has reported that sadly the two children WERE in fact expelled after one of them harmed an adult at the school TWO TIMES. As well, both children were also abusive to other children in the school.

The kids want to move in with Jon!

This is a very disturbing situation for two reasons. Number one, it’s clear that Collin and Alexis, if not all the Gosselettes, are in need of help. They are CRYING OUT for help. And number two, their mother Kate is either in total denial about the seriousness of her childrens’ situation or she is just plain lying about it—and lies are NEVER a good idea.

“Kate lies to protect her image —whether it’s about herself or her children. It’s gotten to the point where she sees herself as a TV star first and a mother second,” says celebrity psychiatrist, Dr. Carole Leiberman. “As a TV star, she rationalizes that these are not lies, they are simply PR.”

The terribly scary thing about this is that Kate may be lying to herself, as well as us, in order to rationalize keeping the kids on TV and herself in the limelight. “If she continues denying that the kids TV appearances have anything to do with their acting out, then she won’t have to change her entire life,” believes psychotherapist Dr. Gilda Carle, of

Kate lied! Her kids were expelled for abusing an adult!

That means that little Collin and Alexis may not get the help they desperately need. “Hurting an adult at school shouldn’t be dismissed as their simply being spoiled bratts,” says Dr. Lieberman. “Their out of control behavior has severe psychologist roots.”

Doesn’t it seem like little Collin and Alexis must be totally stressed out by the demands of their realty show life, and their parents contentious divorce?

And the problem is that little kids don’t know how to talk about their problems. “Some kids hit and demonstrate aggressive and/or violent behavior when they are feeling frustrated and have no other way to express themselves,” explains clinical psychologist Dr. Sheila Forman.

Maybe they’ve tried to speak to their mom about their feelings, and maybe she isn’t listening. We saw Kate in action on Sarah Palin’s Alaska. When she asked her children if they wanted to stay on the Palin’s camping trip and they said yes, she told them, “You’re Palins, not Gosselins. Good bye!”

The message was clear—she WASN’T interested in their feelings—only her own.

Kate denied her kids were expelled on live TV!

Now, she’s keeping troubled kids in the spotlight and lying about their “issues.” But that lie to “save face” has just backfired because the truth always comes out, and now her kids are in the news again.

Kate—instead of spending time going on national TV to “lie” about a distressing situation, why don’t you devote more time to listening to your little Gosselettes and taking care of their needs?

—Bonnie Fuller


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