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Kirstin Says: Desserts Making You Fat? Try Giuliana's Tip — I Lost 1.6 Pounds In One Week!

Tue, December 14, 2010 10:54pm EDT by 4 Comments

After trying out the Weight Watchers PointsPlus plan and following a new regiment recommended by Giuliana for one week, I lost almost two pounds!

I might be a perpetual dieter, but I’m a sugar fiend as well. After every meal, I feel like I need a little sumthin’ sumthin’ sweet to cleanse my palette. Call it a habit, call it an addiction…it is what it is and it’s not going away any time soon! However, now that I’m doing Weight Watchers’ PointPlus program, my favorite desserts have nearly doubled in point value, making it almost impossible to stay in my points allowance AND eat my tasty treats. Luckily, during an interview with Giuliana Rancic for her website FabFitFun, the svelte reality star passed on one of her go to diet secrets — and it totally worked for me!

Here’s how Giuliana told me she got over her personal dessert struggles:

I had relied on having sweets at night because I was so used to having desserts, but my nutritionist told me, ‘You know what? Listen, whatever you do at night just eat fruit, as much fruit as you want, because your body will register it as sugar. Eat as much fruit as you want, eat four apples, I don’t care about the calories just eat as much fruit as you want and just not eat the dessert.’

So I kept eating the fruit and slowly I’d go from three pieces of fruit, to two pieces of fruit, one piece of fruit and it weaned me off dessert and it was actually genius.

With Giuliana’s words of wisdom playing in my head, I set out to conquer my obsessive desire for Skinny Cow ice cream after dinner. At first, my body laughed at my head: “You think you can trick me into believing this APPLE is DESSERT? Where’s the caramel?” However, it only took a few days before I started looking forward to my grapes, or apple at the end of the day.

Plus, as all of you Weight Watchers PointPlus followers well know, fruit is FREE! Now you can finish up your points with a glass of wine at dinner and not worry about saving points for dessert…what a deal! As for the rest of my week, I only walked once and even went a little over my points allowance — but I still managed to lose 1.6 pounds. Thank you, fruit!

Now if only I could get myself to the gym…1.6 pounds down, 23.4 to go!

How is YOUR holiday weight watching going? Sound off below!

*Disclosure: Weight Watchers has offered me a trial membership for the duration of my current weight loss plan.


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