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Bonnie Says: Bill O'Reilly Calls Miley 'Pathetic,' And For Once I Agree With Him!

Tue, December 14, 2010 11:42am EDT by 33 Comments
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When Bill O’Reilly showed Miley’s bong tape on his  Dec 13th, Fox News show and said “that is pathetic”, he became the Chelsea Handler of the cable news set; he finally said what everyone else has been thinking!

Why no one else has come right out and called the singer on the carpet for her behavior, is beyond me. We at have, but the overall response has been a lot of tut-tutting and not much more.

Bill O’Reilly finally laid it on the line. “Things have been heading south for the 18 year-old, [Miley Cyrus] recently” he said, in an understatement, before rolling Miley’s shocking bong footage.

“Well, that’s pathetic, that’s what it is,” he went on to say. “The sad fact is that the days of her being a positive role model are long gone”. So true.

But Bill, just because I applaud you for calling out Miley, who appears to care less about her image and her fans, as she strolls around the set of her new film So Undercover, in Baton Rouge, LA, doesn’t mean I forgive you for your comments about Jenifer Aniston.

Last August, you called Jen “destructive to society” because she stood up for single motherhood.

I’m so glad you came back from the limb you were out on that one , and took aim at Miley, whose behavior really could be a destructive influence on lots of young people.

–Bonnie Fuller


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