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This Doll GIVES BIRTH TO ANOTHER DOLL! Is That Gross or Brilliant? Vote!

Mon, December 13, 2010 10:00am EDT by Add first Comment

This doll actually allows children to experience childbirth by using a pregnant doll that becomes a mommy doll!

Barbie never had to deal with anything like this. A new kind of doll allows kids to play mommy in a literal way, as the doll shows up pregnant and will actually give birth to a smaller doll, with detachable umbilical cord and ability to “breast feed” included. Yes, seriously. The dolls, from MamAmor, come in all different shapes and colors — just like real live human beings! There’s even one with a burqa! — and have accessories like glasses, rebozos, diaper bags and slings!

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“MamAmor dolls represent natural-normal birth, breastfeeding and attachment,” the company’s founder, Adriana Guerra, writes on the company’s Facebook page. “I want to share those values with parents to be, children and the whole birthing community.”

Each doll is a handmade with an elasticized birth canal and snaps on the doll’s nipples to attach the “newborn” for breastfeeding. Regular dolls retail for $130, while custom dolls tend to go higher, starting at $145. Now, this is all well and good, and for natural childbirth fans and Le Leche League advocates it’s a no-brainer, but, for everyone else … really?

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All kidding aside, it does bring up a couple valid questions about where we’re going in our society. How young is too young to discuss the birds and the bees? The dolls are obviously designed for younger children, but is this something that parents need to be teaching their kids at such a young age?

What do you think of all this? Is this the kind of doll you would want your child playing with?

– Roger Singer

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