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Cory Monteith’s Stylist Lindsay Zir Gives Us A Tour Of His Closet! EXCLUSIVE

Mon, December 13, 2010 7:16pm EDT by 1 Comment


I was surprised to hear about what the classic cool guy has in his wardrobe!

Glee hottie Cory Monteith‘s classic cool style is the reason he was awarded with the Future Style Icon award at the 2010 Hollywood Style Awards with The Palazzo Las Vegas, Klipsch, FRS® Healthy Energy® on Dec. 12. While the star looks amazing when he’s in a tailored suit from some of his favorite brands like Armani, Burberry, or Christian Dior, his personal style is very casual. We got to chat with stylist Lindsay Zir, the mastermind behind Cory’s cool looks, and she spilled on what we could find in Cory’s closet, what items he can’t live without, and weighed in on the chances of the star ever branching into the fashion world on his own.

Lindsay said when she first started working with Cory, he he knew how to dress himself but didn’t really have a specific sense of style or look — although now she sees his style and his taste evolving rapidly as he gets to experience more high-end designer garments. “What’s really awesome about Cory is that he’s really maintained that sort classic guy fashion sensibility,” she said. “He’s kept his boy-sense of style but has allowed me to introduce some color and take chances. He’s stepping outside of the box, it’s not just about jeans, a tee, and sneakers anymore.”

So, what could we expect to see in Cory’s closet? Lindsay said she helped the star clean and organize his closet and took a full inventory of his wardrobe, which consists of a plethora of tees, jeans, and hoodies — although it turns out Cory has a fetish for footwear! “For a guy who isn’t obsessed with fashion, he has so many shoes! That really surprised me,” she said. “I said to him, ‘for a guy who doesn’t care much about fashion, you sure have a lot of footwear.'” Lindsay said while his shoe collection consists of mostly sneakers, in total the star owns around 30 pairs of shoes!

Cory prefers a classic cut suit, AG jeans, and is a huge fan of American Apparel hoodies — but outwear is another component of his wardrobe that Cory takes very seriously. “He has a beautiful collection of leather jackets,” Lindsay said, noting that her client owns five or six.

Hearing the stylist got to survey Cory’s closet, I had to ask if there were any items she immediately wanted to remove. “There were definitely some things that I saw and said, ‘This has got to go!’ But of course we kept keepsake items, like certain tees and stuff.” So, what items didn’t make the cut? “He had a shirt with epaulets on it and I just don’t think they work on him. There were also some jeans with bad stitching and certain pairs that were too wide in the leg.”

“He’s a jeans and hoodie kind of guy, that’s his staple thing, but now he’s learning that during the day rather than wear a hoodie, he’ll throw on a nice cashmere swear and add a blazer over his hoodie to dress up the look. He’s really learning how to put together better outfits for himself an, as far as trends go, he’s definitely not a follower. He wears what makes him feel good,” Lindsay noted one of Cory’s go-to get-ups when he gets dressed up is pairing a suit with sneakers.

“It’s great for someone who has a more simple style like Cory. The shoes can really add an emphasis to the look,” she said. “It’s not an original idea but when it’s on someone who wears it well, like Cory, it looks like it’s the first time you’re seeing the look every time.”

So, are there any chances Cory would want to branch out and design his own line of clothing? Although she can’t answer for him, she said, “He’s definitely becoming more of a hands-on guy with his career and producing but it’s hard to say, I don’t rule much of anything out,” Lindsay said. “I think if he found something he was really into, like an incredible tee-shirt line, he might be interested.”

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