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Little Girl Trapped in a Toy Vending Machine! Is This One Of Your Worst Nightmares?

Fri, December 10, 2010 11:41am EDT by 2 Comments

It happened again! Another curious little girl makes her way inside a toy machine. Check out the crazy video!

So imagine you’re two and you see a vending machine filled with cuddly stuffed animals. What would you do? Find a way to climb in, right?! That’s exactly what this darling little girl did at a Pennsylvania mall yesterday. Her mother says she looked away for just a second and the tiny tot climbed through the large hole at the bottom of the machine. Check out her ordeal here!

Apparently she didn’t have any trouble squeezing in. The hole was big enough for two kids to fit through! Luckily this little one wasn’t scared when she made her way inside and waited patiently for firefighters to fish her out. Because of the incident mall officials are replacing this machine so other tiny tots don’t make their way in. That’s a relief!

A little boy crawled into a claw machine in October!

You might remember this happening before. Just two months ago we told you all about how a 9-year-old boy got stuck in a similar machine. HollyMoms, where’s the strangest place your kid has ever crawled into?

-Tiffany Miller

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