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This Mother Still Breastfeeds Her Six-Year Old Son! Is That Great or Gross? Vote!

Fri, December 10, 2010 10:00am EDT by 9 Comments

Amanda Hurst has incited a major debate in the Mommy community because she breastfeeds both her five-month-old son and her six-year-old son at the same time. We’re shocked!

According to The Daily Mail, when it comes to feeding to her two young sons breakfast, 29-year-old English mother Amanda Hurst does it her way: She forgoes cereal and gives them both breast milk. The controversial part of this story, however, is that while her son, William, is five months old, her other son, Jonathan, is six years old. Sometimes, she feeds them both at the same time. Jonathan even has a special name for his mother’s breast milk, “Lellow.”

Needless to say, Hurst’s decision is causing a lot of debate among moms, both in England and here in the States.

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“I know some people think it’s strange,” Amanda, who resides in the sleep English village of Hemingfeld, says. “But I think it’s perfectly natural. He’s doing it less and less and it’s only a morning thing. I’m feeding William, Daddy’s gone to work and it’s cold, so I don’t want to get out of bed. I’ve only tandem fed them five or six times as it’s difficult. Jonathan has to lie alongside me and prop himself up.” Sounds like she’s being a little selfish and lazy.

She goes on, “I do question the decisions I make and wonder whether I’m right or wrong. But it’s parenting, there is no manual, I don’t think there is a right way. I wouldn’t say to someone that I think breast is best unless they asked me why I was breastfeeding. Everyone has the right to make decisions for themselves.”

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We understand her point, but on the other side of the coin, there are moms who think there is something disturbing about a kid who can walk and talk and play baseball — a boy who can demand his own “lellow”–suckling on his mother’s breast.

So what do you think, HollyMoms?

–Alison Prato

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