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What is Salvia? Miley Cyrus' Alleged Pipe-Drug Has Effects Similar to LSD!

Fri, December 10, 2010 9:49am EDT by Chloe Melas 23 Comments

In a video of Miley posted today, the 18-year-old smokes an herb known as Salvia. What is it?

Miley Cyrus is laughing uncontrollably in a new video of her smoking out of a bong, and now we know why she had a fit of the giggles. The drug that Miley was allegedly smoking in the video obtained by TMZ is called Salvia, and it’s usually compared to LSD for its hallucinogenic effects. Unlike LSD which is chemically engineered, Salvia is found naturally in a plant but both drugs contain the same main ingredient: salvinorin A.

Miley is giggly and goofy in the newly leaked footage, but that’s because Salvia is known to induce laughter, sensations of motion, visions of membranes, and sometimes causes one to revisit past memories. Unlike LSD, the effects of which last for up to 12 hours, Salvia’s typically last for a few minutes at a time.

There is not very much known about Salvia which is why it remains legal in most states. Even though Salvia isn’t regulated under the Controlled Substances Act, some states, including Delaware, Louisiana, Missouri, and Ohio, have passed laws to ban the drug. Other states like New York, Michigan, Oregon, Texas, Florida and Miley’s current hometown of California have proposed legislation to make Salvia illegal.

— Chloe Melas

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