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Some People Shouldn’t Be Parents! This Dad 'Waterboarded' His Baby!

Fri, December 10, 2010 4:19pm EDT by 1 Comment


A baby girl is lucky to be alive after her father used torture techniques as punishment. He should be locked up for life!

Police say Aaron Iacono couldn’t console his crying 10-month baby girl, so he held her under a stream of cold water in the bathtub to shut her up. According to the Daily Mail, this allegedly went on for five minutes. He then repeated the “waterboarding” in the bathroom sink three times, hitting her head on the tap. The abuse caused the infants stomach to swell with water. So sad! We’re outraged!

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The baby was treated for cuts, bruises and a broken leg at a New York hospital. The mother of this poor child tried to stop the abuse, but the 30-year-old dad wouldn’t quit. Police say he smashed his daughter’s face against a shower head. And it gets even worse. Iacono is also accused of abusing his wife. When she tried to help the child, police say he chocked her and demanded oral sex. This guy is disgusting and disturbed.

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The police involved in this case say they’ve never seen this kind of horrific abuse, calling it “outrageous conduct.” Iacono is being held without bail in Lyons, New York. He’s charged with attempted assault, a criminal sex act and endangering the welfare of a child.

If all this is true, we hope he gets the maximum punishment!

-Tiffany Miller

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