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Ben Affleck Makes Another Brilliant Winner: 5 Reasons Why You Must See 'The Company Men'

Thu, December 9, 2010 5:48pm EDT by Add first Comment

Once again Ben stays true to his Boston roots in this new heartfelt drama.

The film follows the lives of high-paid corporate men with families, mansions and sports cars at a Fortune 500 company in Boston after the recession hits and downsizing sets in. Each struggle is different and so is the way each individual handles it, but all the men have one thing in common — loss of identity. Bobby Walker (Ben Affleck) who was employed for 12 years by GTX, has to support his wife, Maggie (Rosemarie DeWitt), two kids, a mortgage, the country club and everything else that comes with wealth.

The company’s number two man Gene McClary (Tommy Lee Jones) copes with problems at home and work. Having a spoiled wife who has no concept of money and having a high-pressure job which requires balancing and sometimes compromising beliefs and morals for what’s best for the business.

Then there is Phil Woodward [Chris Cooper], an emotionally charged Vietnam vet who worked his way from the floor to the top of corporate and is Gene’s longtime friend. Phil plays a pivotal role in the movie, showing the sad reality of what extremes people go to during an economic crisis.

At the films premiere at the Paris Theatre in NYC Dec. 8, sponsored by DOBEL Tequila with an after party at Asellina at the Gansevoort, the audience seemed to love every minute of the intense drama. This is an exceptional film that no doubt will be highly-lauded come awards season.

Check out our top five reasons why you should see The Company Men, out in theaters, Dec. 10.

  • James Salinger [Craig T. Nelson], the President and founder of GTX shows no remorse with some pretty zingy one-liners.
  • The Company Men is a brilliant portrayal of life during an economic crisis that American’s are still dealing with. It is relatable, well done and pulls at your heart strings.
  • Gene McClary (Tommy Lee Jones) shows how to juggle a Fortune 500 company, a family and a BIG secret.
  • The writing is EXCEPTIONAL and never lost focus when trying to tell the story of multiple people’s lives. Plus — the music was phenomenal!
  • Ben Affleck wearing a tool belt and doing hard labor with Kevin Costner. Need we say more?

–Jennifer Murray