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LAURA'S LOVE LIFE ADVICE: Is It Unhealthy To Carry A Torch For Your Ex Like Jen Has For Brad All These Years?

Wed, December 8, 2010 11:49am EDT by 12 Comments
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Jennifer Aniston just can’t seem to get over Brad Pitt! But is she hurting herself by continuing to love him?

Tell me that you haven’t had a hard time getting over someone you’ve really loved and I’m going to call you a liar. It’s not called a breakup because it’s easy. But is it healthy for Jennifer Aniston to still pine for ex-husband Brad Pitt five years after their divorce?

According to a new report, Jen spilled all to new bestie Chelsea Handler over Thanksgiving vacation in Mexico. “Jen couldn’t stop talking about all her painful memories,” the story says. “She suddenly broke down and told Chelsea, ‘I can’t stop loving Brad!'”

It’s true that Jen, now 41, hasn’t managed to maintain a serious relationship with a man since she and Brad divorced in 2005. Although he immediately moved on with current partner Angelina Jolie, the former Friends star had a serious of romantic flops with party boys Vince Vaughn and John Mayer.

Despite all the BS you may read about Jen and Brad potentially reuniting, we all know it isn’t going to happen. He’s in love with Angelina and so he shall remain — until he finds someone new. But it’s very rare for a man to go back to an ex — once he’s through with you, he’s all about moving forward.

Do I think it’s unhealthy for Jen to yearn for her ex? Yes! She loves someone who will never return her feelings again and she’s stuck in the past. Does my heart go out to her? Of course…but I wish she would move on.

And yes, I know some people can’t let go. Sometimes the one that got away IS the big love of your life. However, I’m also a firm believer that you can’t really get out of your rut if you’re holding on to someone that you should have let go. Jen needs to accept that Brad isn’t coming back — and she needs to find someone who loves her as she deserves to be loved. Don’t we all deserve that?

Have you ever had a hard time getting over your ex, HollywoodLifers? How long did it take you? How did you manage to get over him? Tell me your story below!


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