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Jenna Elfman's Breast Milk Saved A Drug-Addicted Baby! How Amazing Is That?

Wed, December 8, 2010 9:15am EDT by 2 Comments

Getty ImagesHer first son Story wasn’t a fan of breastfeeding, but all of Jenna’s pumping paid off as she saved the life of another tot.

No matter what she did, Jenna Elfman‘s son Story, now 3, would not take to breastfeeding. So, she says she began pumping, “in the backs of cars, on the way to the set, on the freeway, shopping and then going to back to the car” so that she could bottle feed him. Jenna ended up having so much excess milk, she didn’t know what to do with it! “I was freezing, freezing, freezing, freezing, freezing, freezing more than he was using,” the 39-year-old explains to Best of Babes. “I had no more room in my freezer, every time I opened the door, it was falling out.” That’s when she realized that something could be done with all this milk — something amazing.

“I had a friend, who had a family member who gave birth to a methamphetamine-addicted baby,” Jenna reveals. “They didn’t know the sister was on these drugs, and the baby was born detoxing from methamphetamine, which is one of the most horrific ways to start this lifetime, detoxing from drugs you had nothing to do with. This poor baby couldn’t keep anything down, no formula was working.” So, Jenna did something incredible — she donated her breast milk to the baby.

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“My friend and his wife took the baby in because the mother took off, it was a bad situation, and once a week my friend would come over and get a supply of breast milk,” Jenna explains. “The second the baby started on breast milk, he could hold it down, he could take it, all of his rash symptoms on his body started going away. I literally kept him alive for several months on my breast milk.  He was thriving, he was gaining weight, and going through the withdrawal symptoms much better . . . my friends ended up officially adopting him, and I saw him at a birthday party the other day, he is now 3 and doing great.” How awesome is that? Way to go, Jenna!

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Luckily, the newest addition to Jenna’s own family with husband Bodhi Elfman, their 9-month-old son Easton, has decided that breastfeeding isn’t so bad after all! But Jenna will always have a special place in her heart for the little boy whose life she saved. “To this day when I see him,” she says, “In my heart I feel connected to him, like he’s my little angel friend.” Actually, we think you were his guardian angel, Jenna!

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–Leigh Blickley

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