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Kirstin Says: Who Says Holidays Are An Excuse To Pack On Pounds? I Need To Lose 25!

Tue, December 7, 2010 9:34pm EDT by 4 Comments

Everyone hears about the Freshman 15 in college, but why didn’t anyone warn me about the Mid-20’s 20? It came out of nowhere!

Thanks to my time intensive job, a major car accident and extravagant events with hors d’oeuvres and wine, I’ve gained more than 25 pounds in one year! It’s time to kick my butt in gear…literally! Have you ever had weight sneak up on YOU?

Immediately after college, I started working in my cube at and quit roaming my college campus every day. Not only did I essentially stop moving entirely, I started feeling real life adult pressures (ie: bills, bosses and boys) and began looking forward to my glass of wine (or two…or three) after work.

Then, in the spring, I got into a head-on car collision going 45 mph, and couldn’t move for about two months! Talk about a recipe for chunkiness.

Despite my co-workers and friends encouraging me to start weight loss after the dangerous and delicious holiday season, I saw the latest pics of the incredibly svelte Jennifer Hudson and decided to join the club that worked so well for her, Weight Watchers.

Although I’ve been a member of WW before, they’ve now totally changed the plan! Instead of counting calories, fiber and fat, points are based on fat, fiber, protein and carbs, making the Weight Watchers PointsPlus system the most well-rounded (and guaranteed) yet. Plus, instead of getting 35 extra points to use throughout the week, we now get a whopping 49. (The only downfall? A glass of wine went from being two points to FOUR points. What a buzz kill!)

Anyway, every week I’ll give you an update on how the new plan is going…and how I’m fending amidst the champagne, holiday cookies and buffets in LA.

Are YOU trying the new Weight Watchers plan? How much weight are you trying to lose? How’s it going for you? Sound off below!


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