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Gisele Bundchen Is Not Only A Supermodel Mama — She's Now A Superhero, Too!

Tue, December 7, 2010 9:25am EDT by Add first Comment

BauerGriffin.comGisele Bundchen makes time for family and work! The gorgeous gal just launched a new animated web series about going green!

Gisele Bundchen‘s main focus has always been on her Brady boys, husband Tom Brady, son Benjamin, 11 months, and stepson Jack, 3 (mom is Bridget Moynahan). “I am surrounded by the three gorgeous men in my life,” Gisele exclaims to “I love my men!” But recently Gisele, 30, has been making some time for other projects! Aside from being a model mama — she just launched an animated AOL web series, Gisele and the Green Team, a show about saving the environment! “I make time for work, my husband and my kids,” Gisele says. “Those three things are on my list every day. Those are the things that my life embraces.”

Gisele wants more kids — just not yet!

For now she is promoting Gisele and the Green Team, which strives to get young girls to realize their own super powers! “In addition to teaching people about how we can save our earth, this program will also teach girls about empowerment and self-esteem,” Gisele explains. “I grew up in a household with five sisters and having that experience I wanted to teach girls about empowerment, confidence and self-esteem. On this show, no one is better than the next. I want to enforce equality and how everyone who plays on a team is equal.”

Bridget Moynahan says Jack is an athlete and a thinker!

It’s not all about girls though, Gisele has already started to get Jack and Benjamin to go green!  “After spending so much time with Jack I saw how he wanted to play with the stuff I was using instead of the toys we bought him,” Gisele says. “I gave him [Benjamin] toys from his older brother Jack as opposed to buying all new toys and creating more waste. In terms of clothes, I bought Jack so many clothes and am now using them for Benjamin. Hand me downs work well in this case. This all goes back to my motto: Reduce, recycle and reuse.” Can you believe that the Brady boys wear hand me downs?

Jenny McCarthy’s baby products are environmentally friendly!

Wow! Gisele is a superhero mommy! “I try really hard to be the best mom I can be and I also try not to be too hard on myself,” she says. “I am very grateful and very happy to have them [her boys]. I am so blessed.” With her and footballer Tom’s crazy schedules, Gisele and her family are always traveling and have to try and make time for each other. “It is good to have a date night. I love date night and it is a great thing I promote,” Gisele says. “We always have date night at least once a week. Benjamin goes to sleep around 7:30 pm, and if Tom is home, we always have dinner together so we have time to talk.” But talking isn’t the only thing on the agenda. Coming from a family of six girls, Gisele has always wanted a big brood. “We are working on that one,” she admits of adding to the Brady bunch.

–Leigh Blickley

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